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Our process is our signature. It is a blend of efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and technology; We believe in empathising, understanding, observing and learning each day. Our procedure shapes your ideas into brilliant products.

  • RESEARCH : Understand user behavior, needs and perspectives to better empathize with the user
  • PERSONAS : A persona represents a significant portion of people in the real world rather than a generic everybody.
  • SITE ARCHITECTURE:Information broken into meaningful chunks to simplify navigation and bring in clarity.
  • SKETCHING : Everything begins with a sketch, ideas are chosen and given a form
  • WIREFRAMING : A skeletal framework of the system is established and feedback is gathered.
  • INTERACTION : The individual elements are then emphasized on to give an intuitive interaction.
  • STYLE GUIDE : An arrangement of images, references, colors and fonts with a purpose to evoke an emotion or represent a particular style.
  • VISUAL DESIGN : A lot of iterations, combinations and long talks make up the visual experience.
  • USABILITY TESTING : It is then tested on actual users, iterated, refined and flavored with brilliance.



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