Digital technology has reinvented the way everything is done in the travel industry. Mobile apps are being widely used for planning travel, booking tickets and hotels, route mapping, and much more. Smart players that are running with this trend are reaping profits through the mobile apps, while the others risk extinction.

Today customers prefer to use travel mobile apps for research as well as for booking their holidays. With the availability of a well-developed travel app, they no longer have to rely on maps and guidebooks to find their way around. Now all they need is a smart phone and some apps and they are sorted. There are apps to help book tickets, book hotels, tour different cities, find the best places to eat – you name it. They can even compare the prices and search for best deals.

Travel companies need to develop user-friendly travel apps to stay agile and competitive in an increasingly dynamic marketplace. Our technical team is well-versed in mobile app development and can build intuitive and user-friendly mobile apps for various mobile platforms. We also help brands leverage mobile inputs such as location data, consumer preferences, app usage, attributes, purchase history etc to extract insights into trends. This rich, user-specific data provides a deeper understanding of customer behavior, enabling marketers to better drive higher-value customers back to the brand.


Applying Blockchain and AI


Digifutura understands that shopping experience has changed the world over. Customers want to be engaged in conversations that help them make better purchase decisions. Today’s savvy customers want to interact more and prefer responsive apps and websites to bland one-dimensional online shopping.
That’s why we have embedded AI algorithms into our apps, such as augmented reality, chatbots, virtual assistants – to personalize the experience for each online shopper. We leverage AI to speed up the purchase process ensuring that a minimal number of sales are lost. Retailers can trace and analyze customer behavior to anticipate customer needs, thus creating a powerful iteration chain that improves customer service. In addition to this, we use Blockchain to secure all vendor and customer data, as well as financial information related to each customer.
We help e-commerce platforms manage their supply chains in a secure, more efficient and transparent manner allowing customers to see and track the order flow associated with purchased products. Blockchain experts at Digifutura can apply the technology to virtually the entire user experience, including product searches and selection, payment processing, and post-sale customer care.

Why Digifutura

Digifutura designs loyalty apps that make it easier for a brand and a customer to view their loyalty account. Be it geofencing, cross-vendor promotions, customer engagement through digitalization, or trends identification through analytics, our loyalty apps are feature-rich and promise high returns. We help identify, register, reward and engage your customers through personalized and real-time offers anywhere with minimal effort and at minimal cost.


Our Offerings

Mobile Ready Travel Apps – Design and Development

Traveling Transactions Frameworks

Mobile Optimization of your Website

Agent Management System

Content Management Systems

Payment Gateway Integration

App Maintenance and Support

API Integration

API Integration

User-friendly Features such as:

  • Ticket and Hotel Booking
  • In-App Language Translator
  • Integrated Social Feed/ Messaging Service
  • Holiday Packages
  • Currency Converter
  • Trip Reviews from Other Travelers
  • Travel Itinerary Generator
  • World Clock Time Converter


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