Progressive web apps

In a world where consumers are increasingly accepting mobile devices as their primary source of access to the internet, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the ideal solution to make mobile apps available faster and across platforms, with the least amount of investment. PWA offer the best of both worlds by combining the ease of deploying and managing a website with the app-like feel of a native mobile app.

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Users are moving away from the idea of an app being a separate destination. Today, almost all apps need to be downloaded and opened in order to experience them. And for most apps you need separate login credentials. But users don’t want a disconnected online experience where useful content is locked up in proprietary platforms. Brands still want to deliver content and services to customers quickly and smoothly and that’s where PWA come in. PWA are fast, efficient and do not require any specific app or data coverage to send and receive. Since PWA make it easier to bring apps to consumers, there are real savings in terms of the time involved to develop, launch, and market the app. Developers across the world are pushing the boundaries of what can be done within native apps. As PWA get feature-rich, the ultimate goal is to deliver an application that users can easily enjoy.

Digifutura strongly believes that PWA will allow brands to interact more with customers and offer better service. We develop PWA using service worker technology that allows PWA to load quickly even when there is no Internet connection, and allows users to receive notifications and reminders. As users can access your content easily and without any interruptions, you get a happy and engaged customer audience. Digifutura extends the mobile-first approach to build PWA and encompass user experience and engagement, using progressive enhancements to provide features similar to native apps when viewed on any device and screen size.

Why Us

Digifutura PWA are suited to be adaptive across devices and seamlessly blend into native app-like design and interface, making it a perfect solution for fast and accessible presence across the user base.

Achieve nearly instant loading times

Implement service workers to make your app load faster and work while users are offline

Keep users engaged with web notifications

Measure the performance and reach of your web applications

Transform your existing web app into a progressive web app

Save up to XX% cost as compared to in-house development

Our app developers deliver business-centric mobile applications

Complete technical during development, deployment and maintenance

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Our Offerings

1 Reduce the amount of data that is sent to the browser to load the page

2 Instant load times regardless of network

3 App-like UI/UX to maintain consistent branding with native mobile apps

4 Responsive design to adapt to multiple browsers, devices, screen sizes and versions all from a single platform

5 Simultaneous deployment on native and mobile/desktop web