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AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open source project from Google that offers a method to build web pages that allows them to load much faster than regular HTML. An AMP page layers with an existing web page and is only served to users on relevant devices through artful use of code. AMP helps website publishers to easily improve the loading speed of their pages on a mobile device without missing out on ad revenues.

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AMP is an effort towards improving the mobile content ecosystem for all the stakeholders – content creators, publishers, consumer platforms and users. AMP sites are created specifically to reduce the time it takes to load content on a mobile device, and are accessible across devices irrespective of the operating system. As there is no need to customize content for each OS, search engines find it easier to discover your website, thus boosting your search engine ranking. AMP sites allows for publishers to post ads without interrupting content load time or interfering with the user experience. This means higher ROI without losing out on readership.

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Digifutura offers innovative, results-driven best-in-class AMP website design and development. We are a trusted AMP website developer that helps in transferring the whole brand persona, including fonts, layouts and style, to develop elegant AMP sites that can load their content instantly and have designs that lead to conversions and help achieve business goals. We’re adept at building efficiently coded and developed AMP sites that are highly adaptive and scalable across devices. Regardless of your industry our AMP developers provide simple but powerful Google AMP services to ensure maximum return-on-investment.

Digifutura has been helping clients from different domains build AMP ready websites, including Wordpress sites. Our team of experienced mobile and web developers have extensive experience with the latest tools and technologies to develop smooth and fast AMP pages. You can improve page rankings, reduce bounce rate, and increase traffic to your website.

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  1. Rich and dynamic AMP design
  2. AMP web development
  3. Integration with Social Media Marking
  4. Ecommerce solutions
  5. SEO optimized pages
  6. AMP Template design
  7. Custom AMP development
  8. AMP HTML service
  9. AMP for Wordpress