Java Development Services

We have been providing scalable, robust and customizable Java development solutions to match customer needs and accelerate business. Our top teams build custom Java apps, enable Java migration and provide support for the entire application lifecycle.

Digifutura offers quality enterprise Java development services to businesses across the globe, designing and deploying world-class Java-based applications that improve the agility and quality of business. Our Java experts find the best fit technology stack for you and build Java-based solutions that match your goals.

Java technologies

Why Java?

Java is considered as the most successful development platform used the world over due to its highly-flexible and secure approach, and its ability to develop complex web apps in smooth, flexible and secure manner at lower cost. Java is an ideal open source platform helping businesses & governments redefine their complete IT processes & infrastructure using disruptive technology.

Our developers are highly skilled Java developers with expertise in multiple domains including banking, insurance, automotive, telecom, e-commerce and healthcare. They are adept at complex and large-scale Java development services with proven tools, architecture and methodologies, as well as customized solutions for small and medium businesses.

Our offerings

  1. Java Applications

    We use the best Java tools, frameworks, and CMS platforms to build and deploy tailored mobile and web applications. We help you create interactive web pages comprising, as well as flexible and compatible Java-based mobile app solutions.
  2. CMS Development services

    We have extensive experience in Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and build high-performing, multi-leveled and secure apps that cater to your mission-critical requirements.
  3. Java CMS

    Our developers have in-depth knowledge of Java-based CMS tools, and help you develop high-end, robust, multi-channel, and multi-lingual websites.
  4. Java/ J2EE Development

    Our solutions built using Java and J2EE frameworks are ideal for startups, for small and medium businesses as well as for large enterprises. We build and deploy end-to-end J2EE applications and integrate them with other applications as per your requirements.
  5. API Development

    We build powerful, secure, structured, and well-documented APIs for Java-based web and mobile applications and integrate them with other apps.
  6. Java Migration

    Migrating your business platform to a Java-based framework has never been this easier. Our Java experts ensure a smooth transition of data with complete reliability, security, and without any interruptions to your business operations.
  7. Maintenance & Support

    We provide post-deployment maintenance and support for Java-based solutions and upgrade them to the latest versions. This includes performance analysis of your Java-based systems.
  8. Microservices Migration

    We help you leverage all the benefits Java has to offer with efficient migration of your microservices to a Java environment, and also migrate your complex, monolith apps to microservices, making them more manageable. We develop Java apps based on microservices to help you avoid long-term commitment to a single technology stack, improve fault isolation, enable continuous deployment and enjoy other benefits of a microservice architecture. Our experts are adept at expanding your Java app’s functionality by adding new microservices to it and integrating them with the existing ones.
  9. Java Development Toolkit (JDK) Upgrade

    Our Java experts are well-versed in the nuances of upgrading a JDK, and will guide you through the entire process thus ensuring that you continue to build and support your customers. If your existing backend code needs to be upgraded to JDK, we design a seamless migration strategy and help reduce technical debt.
  10. App Containerization and Cloud Migration

    We help you containerize legacy applications without changing a single line of code. We undertake turnkey projects which includes moving containerized apps to cloud infrastructures, ensuring portability, security and efficiency without altering the source code or expensive refactoring.

Expertise in Java Frameworks

  1. Custom Development
    JSP, Servlets, Java 5, 6, 7, 8, JMS, JDBC, Java Mail, JPA, XML, XSL, NodeJS, AngualrJS.
  2. Data Science & Analytics
    Pentaho, Talend, Birt, JasperReports, Tableau, Apache Storm, Apache Spark.
  3. Enterprise Application Integration
    SOAP, Restful, MuleSoft, Apache Active MQ, Apache Camel, RabbitMQ, Kafka, JAX-RS, JAX-RPC, Axis, Metro
  4. Cloud
    Oracle Sales Cloud, AWS, Google
  5. Big Data
    Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, Strom, Spark, Ignite, Pig, Sqoop
  6. Search
    Apache Solr, ElasticSearch, Apache Lucene, Sphnix, Xapain
  1. Open Source Enterprise Platform
    Alfresco Activti, Spring Framework 3+, Hibernate 3+, iBatis, JPPF, Struts, JSF, GWT, Grails, Wicket, RichFace, LifeRay
  2. Application Server
    JBoss, GlassFish, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, IBM, Jetty
  3. View Framework
    Jquery, Ext JS, Angular JS, GWT, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, DOJO, Bootstrap, Knockout JS
  4. Build Tools
    Ant, Maven, Jenkins, SonarQube, Junit, Netbeans, PMD, Eclipse
  5. Database
    Mongo DB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Neo4j, Redis, CouchBase, Oracle, SQL, MYSQL, Sybase

Why us?

At Digifutura we employ best practices such as smart resource management, caching, multi-threading and user-interface techniques among others for the successful implementation of Java projects with assured results. Our Java development team has skilled programmers with years of coding experience. We aim to be a long-term partner that delivers continuous support and maintenance for your projects.

Our custom Java development solutions include websites, applications, analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to scale your growing business. You can choose to augment your internal team of Java developers or outsource Java development to us entirely. Digifutura is prepared to offer you complete Java development support.

At Digifutura, we believe in being nothing but the best. Our core values and responsiveness to new technologies make us agile and adept technology partners. Our development team’s years of experience have proven their deftness in the timely deliverance of a wide variety of development services. Our experienced team has developed a repository of best practices and standards on performance tuning, user interface, resource management, and web services. We leverage our innovative approach to develop a comprehensive suite of robust and highly scalable Java solutions across diverse business domains.

To get the most from your Java-based apps and solutions, Digifutura is the key to success. Here’s why:

  1. ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  2. Certified and professional Scrum masters
  3. PMP® certified project managers
  1. Years of industry experience
  2. Certified developers and QAs
  3. Domain experts in multiple verticals