ArtificiaI Intelligence - Next Generation Innovation Frontier

Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence powered by Deep Learning a field of Machine Learning. Deep learning technologies enable transformational change in way businesses work. Empowered with human like cognitive intelligence using behavioral data and 360 degree view of patterns to precisely decide the outcome, AI is the hottest technology trend driving business efficiency, thereby growth.


Df asset finance


  • Churn Prediction and Customer Segmentation
  • Credit Underwriting (Credit scoring/Direct Lending)
  • Information Extraction and Sentiment Analysis
  • Fraud Detection and AML
  • Chat Bots
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Asset and Wealth Management
  • Recommendation System
  • Identity Analytics
Df asset education


  • Automated Evaluation
  • Learner Centered Feedback
  • Intelligent Teaching Assistant
  • Adaptive Assessment and Educational Support
  • Augmented Teaching
  • Aligning the Ecosystem
  • Robotic Process Automation
Df asset health care

Health Care

  • Automated Image Diagnosis
  • Dosage Error Reduction
  • Virtual Nursing Assistant
  • Administrative Workflow Assistance
  • Robot-Assisted Surgery
  • Treatment Design
  • Digital Consultation
  • Robotic Process Automation
Df asset storage


  • Event Based Alerting
  • Comprehensive Dashboard Views
  • Capacity Forecasting
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Security and Reliability
  • Performance Planning
  • Executive Summary Screen
  • Auto Support
  • Neural Class Storage


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