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Business demands on Cloud infrastructures with extensive interdependencies can impact the speed and quality of service delivery. What enterprises need is a well-designed Cloud strategy that supports an ondemand service environment. Digifutura can help improve Cloud utilization, drive down cost, and aid in optimization and governance of even the most complex Cloud infrastructures.

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Cloud management services have become a necessity as they allow enterprises to maintain visibility and control over their Cloud environment. They need a dedicated team to keep a constant check on key performance parameters of the Cloud implementation, monitor the key performance parameters, and also suggest necessary upgrades in PaaS or SaaS components. Let Digifutura manage your Cloud platforms as you benefit from the true value of independent cloud management while staying in complete command of your Cloud implementation. We’ll optimize spend, minimize internal hassles of Cloud management, and maximize security and compliance across your Cloud environment, providing the support you need to unlock the full benefits of your investment.

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We understand that multi-cloud environments can be challenging and internal teams may struggle to manage the associated complexities. Our Cloud management experts have a rich experience in integrating the existing IT infrastructure of enterprises with the adopted on-premise private or public cloud. We have partnerships with leading and trusted Cloud vendors, which means that our teams can smoothly reduce Cloud-implementation complexities and optimize it for maximum results.

Our Cloud Management Services enable enterprises to accelerate their cloud delivery lifecycle and gain maximized return on their cloud investments. Here’s why you should partner with Digifutura for managing your cloud:

  • Verified copySpeed up efficiency and adoption of your cloud strategy with flexibility for developers without comprising IT resource control
  • Verified copy Govern enterprise-class cloud services for the right business activities with policies and rules consistent with the rest of the enterprise
  • Verified copyReduce costs with continual process Improvements and a unified, transparent view of usage and provider spending
  • Verified copy Get real time understanding of resource consumption
  • Verified copy Reduce complexity of hybrid or multi-cloud environments
  • Verified copy Get a unified view of your entire Cloud implementation

Why Us ?

Our Cloud Management

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  1. Cloud Security Management
    • Data security and privacy management
    • Identity, entitlement and Access Management
    • Cloud infrastructure security
    • Governance risk and compliance
    • Data obfuscation and tokenization
  1. Service Assurance
    • Management of high levels of availability
    • High service quality
    • Predictable and efficient performance
    • Gain Cloud service oversight, minimize risks
    • Govern the right cloud resources to the right
      business activities based on consistent policies and rules
  1. Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Management
    • Backup, recovery and availability of business critical
      data and identified systems
  1. Proactive Monitoring
    • Identification and resolution of issues before they
      impact business
    • Business aligned view of systems and services
    • Scaling to meet demand
  1. Global Standards
    • Accredited to ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 standards
    • Assured service quality and security
  1. Full-Stack Expertise
    • Full-stack support for all technologies and environments
    • Includes applications, databases, infrastructure
  1. Cloud Integration
    • Deep expertise across private and public clouds
      (Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon)
    • We integrate, operate and run cloud platforms
      alongside legacy infrastructures and apps