Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing has given us self-learning algorithms, pattern recognition, and language processing. And because it is so close to the human thought process, cognitive systems have the ability to execute critical decisions in complex situations. The future is here. Are you ready?

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Cognitive computing is an evolved form of Artificial Intelligence, and the third era of processing where machines can augment creative human thinking. It goes beyond sensor streams and data-based decisions and takes decisions based on symbolic and conceptual information. Forward thinking enterprises have already been using cognitive computing for chat bots, customer service, user behavior analysis and a seamless customer experience across touchpoints.

Digifutura offers a perfect blend of software and engineering service to enable and support cognitive computing for enterprises ready to step into the future. Our cognitive solutions can be implemented across domains and environments with precision, consistency, and predictability, resulting in improved customer experience. Our Cognitive Computing platform is a combination of our artificial intelligence, analytics, and machine learning expertise.

What we offer is a shift from manual tasks/knowledge lookups for servicing customers, handling queries and any other manual and repetitive tasks, by adding a machine learning-based intelligence layer to your existing systems. Now you can maintain high compliance standards, optimize service costs, reduce time to market, improve quality with the power of machine-generated insights and benefit from the integration of computer and human problem solving capabilities.

Why Us

We deliver the ideal automation framework that applies cognitive technology and artificial intelligence to transform your enterprise architecture. We help you replace unnecessary complexities, manual interventions and poorly managed processes associated with legacy technologies with more agile and more intelligent systems that free up your bandwidth to focus on innovation and improving business capabilities.

Digifutura helps you increase customer satisfaction and reduce risks by future-proofing your value-driven product operations.

Our Offerings

1 Collaboration with leading global cognitive computing providers and utilization of available products.

2 Research and development insights into practical customer applications with the power of NLP

3 Designing and implementation of a cognitive automated solution tailored to your specific needs by leveraging open source and proprietary software

4 Best-in-class tech support for to support continuous improvement with cognitive operations

5 Professional services – Enterprise Audit, Audit Analytics, Data Quality Audit, Risk Management

6 Software – Contact Center Management, Chat bots and Digital Assistant, Customer Service Automation, Sentiment Analysis, Marketplace Insights, Dahboards

7 Operations Management – Supply Chain Management, Inventory Automation, Security and Compliance