Why Nodejs? Top 5 Reasons To Choose it for your Bussiness

There are several reasons as Why NodeJS is so Popular !It Stansdout with its proficiency at speed, multiuser and realtime web applications.

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Real-time web apps? No problem!!

The event-oriented architecture of node.js is suitable for real-time applications, specially chat applications and games. JavaScript is used to write code for both the client-side and the server-side, the synchronization process is better and faster.

Web socket protocol comes into picture here. Real-time applications benefit from these functionalities, so the performance of the applications does not degrade even if there is a sudden surge in the traffic. Many cloud platforms offer extensive support for the node, which marks it the ultimate choice for real-time applications. Why do you think Yahoo, LinkedIn, and EBay have elected for node.js?

When it comes to building real-time web applications like games and chat; it is the most effective framework. Because of JavaScript usage convoluted in server side and client side, it allows swift synchronization. You can know about its real potential through web sockets. They are used to regulate the performance of node web applications when there is a sudden upsurge in traffic.

If you want better productivity…

The productivity of a node web app upsurges several folds with node.js because a lot of time is protected in between the lines. Integrating the back-end and front-end into a single entity creates it efficient. That also suggests a lesser number of resources and much profit on your side. PayPal declared a 2 times increase in node.js developer productivity after using it.

What’s your take on that? Node.js is the present trend. With the top organizations like Microsoft and Yahoo converting to node is quite an encouragement for you to select it, a lot of things are yet to be verified. But that may not halt you from trying it out!!

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Cost-effective Operations

If you wish to go for Node.js development services, it will not cost you more as it is simple to develop apps in this framework. Research has shown that organizations that elect to go for Node.js app development have lesser compute power for hosting them.

Now, let us compare it with Java. If you select conventional Java installation, it will take 64GB of RAM and 32 cores. On the other hand, you can run at least 32 instances of Node.js app on the same hardware.

Node js development services are easily acceptable to a modern cloud environment and allow the operations team to create a one-to-one relationship between servers and resources. In other words, as you are able to build apps faster and swiftly through Node.js, it brings down your worker costs.

If you thought your server was fast

Basically, Node.js uses JavaScript in the backend, and that is sufficient to know how fast the codes implement. Furthermore, it runs on Google’s V8 engine, which accumulates the JavaScript straight into machine code enabling it faster than you may imagine.

Cluttered threads are no longer a problem as a single thread takes care of multiple and concurrent client requests with the help of the ‘event loop’. Scalability and rapid prototyping become a whole lot easier, whatever the application might be. The enactment of node.js is marvelous when you compare the backend you have at your disposal these days.

For example, Walmart’s mobile site used node.js to assist its customers in The Black Friday sale in 2013 and guess their server’s CPU consumption, just 1%. Yes! You saw that correctly.

Excellent Ecosystem

Because of modular design, it offers an excellent ecosystem for developers to build Node js mobile apps, Node js web apps, and Node js applications. For allowing server-side development, its ecosystem makes a mixture out of the work of front-end JavaScript developers and low-level system engineers.

This framework’s ecosystem has several dependencies per se. And that is why it creates it easier for the users to hold, utilize and share it. NPM for Node.js packages is the biggest package ecosystem of the framework. As per the modulecounts.com shows, you will find around 300,000 packages.

Also, there is an addition of over 300 new packages every day, which is three times more as compared to other ecosystems. Development of Node.js app (Node js mobile app, Node js web app, Node js development services) is a great experience for developers.

This is because it needs lines of code that is 33% lesser as compared to other frameworks. Also, it is able to knob a double number of requests per second and shortens the response time by 35% in contrast to the Java version. A few years ago, Java development frameworks use to inspire the creation of large monolithic applications. Nowadays, developers prefer service-based architectures when dealing with critical software inside an extensive business atmosphere.


Node.Js framework is an intense tool whenever you wish to design server-side web applications in JavaScript. Also, it possesses growing with time and creates web development tasks stress-free. If you are searching for resource-rich systems and applications, you should consider going with this framework.

Published Date: June 21, 2019

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