Why is Ruby on Rails So Good for Ecommerce Sites?

The Ruby on Rails framework for web development can be easily induced and deployed which is why it is used by over 11% of the most popular websites.

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Before we launch into details, let us remember that the Ruby on Rails framework is popular with web developers primarily because it allows the web developers to test and validate their project several times faster than other tech stacks. While there are several other benefits like cost efficiency, scalability and so on, for web developers this benefit of faster testing is perhaps top of the mind because it cuts down on development time and lets them launch a website faster.

Ruby on Rails was designed for Ruby programming language during a Basecamp collaboration suite project. It is open-source software and is the web development framework of choice for several top brands like Airbnb, SoundCloud, Basecamp, GitHub and ZenDesk. The Ruby on Rails framework has helped made coding for development both simple and efficient, and its main attraction for developers is the speed it lends to the code design process.

Why Ruby on Rails is specifically great for building efficient and robust e-commerce platforms?

  • Flexibility

Ruby on Rails helps developers manage code easily and create apps using plugins which makes the overall architecture of a website modular, hence easy to manage and change as per new requirements.

  • High Stability

Since Ruby on Rails comes with a standardized set of policies, not only does the code perform better it is also more stable and less likely to falter even when there are too many changes. Developers don’t need to repeatedly re-configure or alter the code thus allowing a website to be stable and perform well.

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  • Available integrations

Going global on the Internet only sounds easy and multiple payment options are the best example of the common pitfalls. By embracing the system of plugins, Ruby on Rails developers are able to prepare the tailored system for every market. What’s more, due to the popularity of framework in e-commerce software development, there are already ready plugins and integrations dealing both with the most popular and more exotic payment systems.

  • Available Plug-ins and Solutions

Ruby on Rails development system is based on plug-ins, which makes it so much easier for developers because they can just pick from an available and vast selection of existing solutions to build their own website or app, saving a lot of time and cost. They don’t need time to create components like the shopping cart or payment gateway from scratch.

  • Faster, smoother deployment

Ruby on Rails also provides developers with several automation options thus speeding up development and deployment. In Ruby on Rails, even the debugging process is less painful because of the DRY method, due to which Rails encourage best coding practices.

  • Reliable technology

The very fact that Ruby on Rails is used by leading brands across the globe is a testimony to its reliability and good functionality. It’s popularity has ensured that developers continue to further develop and maintain the framework.

  • Large developer community

Because it is open-source, has great functionality and is in high demand by leading enterprises, the Ruby on Rails developer community is large and highly skilled, making it easier for developers to get support for any sort of issue from anywhere in the world.

  • Better protected

Ruby on Rails allows developers to build secure apps that are protected against SQL injections are further protected by the cross-site scripting and request forgery that we see in Rails. Ruby on Rails developers also find it easier to encrypt and sign cookies using the built-in features of the code.

  • Cost-efficient

Ruby on Rails is open-source and is also compatible with several types of databases and free web servers. Additionally, because it enables faster deployment and has reusable components, the cost and effort required for development is drastically reduced. Be it developing a regular website or a project management system, or a high-end feature-rich eCommerce website, Ruby on Rails helps save cost.

Some existing Ruby on Rails e-commerce platforms

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  • Spree

Spree is supported by America Online and True Ventures, and is currently owned by First Data, and is perhaps the most widely recognized and liked Ruby on Rails-based platform. Spree has multiple extensions that let the developers create their own solution using ready-to-use building components. Fortnum, Urban Ladder and GoDaddy use Spree.

  • Solidus

Solidus is an offshoot of Spree and is being developed independently.

  • Shopify

Shopify is not an open-source tool but a proprietary software distributed via a SaaS-based distribution model. Shopify was initially used to support a Snowdevil store but then it evolved into a great product in its own standing.

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The final word

The Ruby on Rails framework for web development can be easily induced and deployed which is why it is used by over 11% of the most popular websites. The bottom line is that for developers the simplicity of Ruby on Rails combined with the number of brands that want to use it for web development is a massive opportunity.

Published Date: September 30, 2019

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