Why is Flutter the Best Tool for MVP Development?

Check out the Flutter advantages that make it the right tool for MVP development.

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Developing and launching a successful product, especially in the technology domain, is not an easy task. Each product needs to be tested for its validity, market performance, and feasibility, as well as overall product functionality before it is launched in order to avoid monetary loss and damage to reputation. For start-ups especially achieving success is essential, which means deep research for their core idea and the key solution is required. The next step is to build a minimum viable product (MVP), which is a version of the product with the basic features required to give customers an idea about the product and get their feedback on the product. An MVP helps check the viability of the product before launch and make adjustments and enhancements as required.

MVP development helps companies

  • Reduce development costs
  • Evaluate their project/idea
  • Collect feedback from intended users
  • Save time and efforts
  • Engage potential investors

What is an MVP?

MVP development helps companies understand the interests of potential users by creating an initial version of a product with just the required functionalities. MVP development is important because it helps save time and effort, and helps start-ups get a better understanding of their entrepreneurial venture, or idea, without too much investment.

When it comes to mobile app development, creating an MVP instead of developing a full-blown app, takes on even more significance. This is because there are so many apps already in the market, and to be able to beat competition even a leading app development company needs to create the best app. Building a full-feature app requires a lot of time and money, and if the app is unsuccessful post launch then all that investment goes waste. To be able to beat competition, no matter how great is your app idea, you need to test the app for its features and functionality, and get feedback from users. Moreover, the app needs to be ready and equally functional on both iOS and Android, which means hiring cross-platform mobile app developers and web app developers.

Keeping this in mind, Flutter is the ideal choice for building an MVP. So what are Flutter advantages that make it the right tool for MVP development.

Flutter for MVP Development

Frameworks like React Native and Ionic have been used extensively for cross-platform app development, but since both are based in Javascript, complex cross-platform app development becomes tough. That’s why brands like Airbnb are moving away from Ionic and React Native. Flutter app development is excellent for an app development company wanting optimize costs and deliver quality along with native-like performance. 

Launched by Google in December 2018, Flutter has become popular for its enhanced features, bug fixes, and widgets. Since Flutter is open source, Flutter development services are in great demand.

Here’s a quick look at Flutter advantages

  • Support for both material design and Cupertino 
  • Superior development environments 
  • Hot reload capabilities
  • Excellent native-like performance even in case of complex UI
  • Does not require extensive lines of code
  • Single codebase for cross-platform development
  • Short development cycle and simplified app development process
  • Extensive libraries for Firebase for building a solid backend for an MVP 
  • Support from Google, which is great for amateur developers who need guidance
  • Excellent developer community for easier big fixes and reusable components
  • Does not require heavy licensing costs for MVP development
  • Web app developers and mobile app developers using Flutter have access to attractive and flexible widgets

Flutter app developers use Flutter’s flexible UI, easy integration, speed, and performance for high quality MVP development that attracts investors and customers alike. As mentioned earlier, Flutter’s SDK supports both Cupertino and Material Design, which lends a close to finished visual appeal to the app, and works well with both iOS and Android. Flutter app developers can also easily customize widgets as per their specific requirements. Flutter supports the widgets that are accessible and helps the developers to customize widgets as required. Flutter app development requires Dart which is an object-oriented programming language ideal for building high quality real-time apps.

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Flutter development services have played a transformation role in MVP development when it comes to mobile apps. It offers an outstanding UI, flexible APIs, excellent performance, easy and cost-effective development and much more. So if you’re looking to build a high-end MVP for your mobile app, then Flutter is an excellent choice. Hire an MCP development company to guide you through the process and speed up MVP development. If you need more info reach out to us at Digifutura. We have been offering MVP development services and Flutter development services to several leading companies worldwide.

Published Date: November 4, 2019

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