What to Know When Hiring a Angular Front-End Developer in 2019?

Here are some important points that the hiring team has to focus on when hiring Angular front-end developers.

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As a business enterprise, you may have chosen to build a single page web app to help your target audience connect with your brand. For this you will need to hire an Angular front end developer who can use Angular and other technology stacks to build an attractive and user-friendly single page web application platform.

Of course there are several other platforms that you can use to build something like this, but Angular is the best option for front-end development. One key reason behind this is that Angular comes with peer-to-peer single web page solutions, which means that Angular developers can create stunning web pages in minimum time, while ensuring that these pages are usable and authentic. So if you hire an Angular front-end developer is good business sense, and there are several aspects that you need to keep in mind and use to evaluate the candidates. But there is one important question that we would like to address and clarify about Angular JS development. What is Angular, what is Angular JS, and are they the same or different?

What to choose – Angular or Angular JS?

To begin with, please note that while Angular and Angular JS can work together, they are not the same at all. Google launched Angular JS in 2010, and loaded it with several features great for developing single page web applications. Keeping in mind the success of this first version of Angular JS, in 2016 Google launched a new Angular framework which came with many other unique and novel features.

Now this newer version of the Angular framework was replete with features that a developer would need to create attractive and highly functional web apps. Angular 1 and Angular 2 were quite different from each other, as are other newer and updated versions of Angular, the latest being Angular 7 which will be launched very soon. Each new Angular version comes with better quality tools and functionalities required for front-end web app development.

Now let’s come back to the key focus of our discussion, i.e. what to look for when you’re hiring a front-end Angular web or mobile app developer. Keep in mind that while you must hire best Angular developers, there are lot of aspects you need to look out for. You may not find one single Angular front-end developer with all the capabilities, so you should look for the Angular front-end developers with the maximum capabilities.

What to Keep in Mind When Hiring Angular Developers

As we said earlier there are many development frameworks, platforms and libraries available for developing single-page web applications, but almost all of them have their own limitations. Angular also has some limitations but it is fully customizable and is perhaps the best web development platform available. CLI, Angular Elements and Ivy renderer and detailed documentation are the main features that have pushed Angular to the forefront of front-end development and to its popularity.

You can choose to engage the best Angular development company or hire the best Angular developers.

Benefits of Hiring Angular Front-End Developers

Naturally then, there is a great demand for talented Angular front-end developers with a lot of experience in creating Angular based web pages. You could look to hire a Angular front-end developer independently or through an Angular development company. Regardless of where you hire one from, there are a lot of benefits involved in engaging the best Angular front-end developer for your project. When you hire right, it is obvious that your project quality also will be good and the cost and time involved in completing the Angular project will be much less. This has actual positive benefits for your business. An Angular front-end developer will ensure easy integration and optimization of multiple features and functionalities that will make the single-page web app attractive and popular.

What to Know When Hiring a Angular Front-End Developer in 2019?

Key Points When Hiring Angular Front-End Developers

Here are some important points that the hiring team has to focus on when hiring Angular front-end developers.

  • Understand what the project demands : So this is a no-brainer. Make sure your hiring team understands what the project needs are, what’s the budget, the scope and duration of the project, the experience each developer must have, and the cost of the Angular front-end development. Unless they understand all of these factors they will not be able to hire the right kind of developers.
  • Keep the project description handy : So when you interview the Angular front-end developer or are meeting and discussing with an Angular development company, you will need to explain in detail what is the scope and description of the project. This will make the hiring process smoother and more targeted because the developer can be upfront about his capabilities and whether or not he is actually the right fit.
  • Look in the right places : This is a very important aspect. Where you seek an Angular front-end developer depends on where your business (or the business of your client you could be developing for) is located, what is your budget and how much are you willing to pay. For instance, if your project has a shoestring budget then you may want to hire Angular front-end developers in India where the cost is comparatively much low. At times US-based companies prefer to hire someone closer to home and want to hire only in the US even the cost is high.
  • Checking for technical qualifications : Now that you already have your project description ready with you, the next step is to prepare a wishlist of skills and qualifications that you need in a developer. To begin with, this will help you shortlist the candidates that best fit your wishlist from the hundreds of applications you may have received. Once you begin interviewing the shortlisted candidates, this wishlist will further help you narrow down the search and pick the ideal fit of Angular front-end developer for your need. Remember that a developer with the right experience and set of skillsets will be able to answer your questions expertly.

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  • Must ask for previous projects completed : As we do for any other type of hiring by asking for past experience, you must ask the shortlisted candidates for work samples and portfolio of previously completed Angular front-end development projects.. Don’t just ask them if they have done such projects or not, but ask them to actually show you the projects they have completed. This will help you understand how much relevant industry experience they actually have and see the quality of their work.
  • Cost of Hiring Angular Front-End Developer : Hiring an Angular front-end developer or Angular front-end development company in India is cheaper than hiring in the US or the UK. In India you will get be able to hire high quality developers at much low cost, and when you consider that digital communication technologies have made it so easy to work across geographical boundaries, it is best to hire in India.

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Published Date: September 30, 2019

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