Welcome The New Era of Android Studio 3.6 in App Development

Did you know that Android Studio 3.6 is a great tool that will set a breakthrough in the android app development process? Check out all its amazing features below:

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Every new development comes with advanced updates, upgrades, and stability. The same can be said in the context of Android Studio 3.6. This Android Studio version has expanded its horizon and will prove to be of immense importance for the developers. Google is facilitating the work of the developers in a lot of ways. With this particular upgrade, they would be able to handle the editing and debugging codes way smoothly. Better quality is what you will get for sure in this new version.

Did you know that Android Studio 3.6 is a great tool that will set a breakthrough in the android app development process? Check out all its amazing features below:

New things have made their way to assist the developers and have to be a gift by Android Companies

Android Studio 3.6 has features and improvements in abundance.

Some of the essential features of this new version are discussed below:

  • Make good use of Split view

For layout and navigation, editors using a Split view is a must. This split view feature would enable the editors to view the code and UI design together on a single screen. Also, the previous preview window has been replaced with the split view feature.

The new version would allow the android app developers to add the contextual information as per the requirement of the particular case. Also, you can arrange the split view according to the files that are essential for you. The contextual information can be in the form of design view options or zoom factor. If one wishes to activate the split view, they need to click ‘split,’ which is available on the editor window.

  • Google Maps UI would prove to be a beneficial thing for all mobile app development services

In the Android Emulator, you will be able to find Google Maps in the control panel. This would reduce the work of the android app development companies in the USA or other developers all around the world, and they no longer need to type GPS coordinates manually so that they can put a location feature in the app and further test it. Now, the developers can easily see the location of the emulated device.

The mobile app developers also have the power to distinguish the virtual routes, and they also can generate them using the location pairs. Hence the app would get an ultimate hike. Last but not least, finding bugs and detecting the memory leaks is no more a hassle.

  • The resources tab would prove a helping hand to mobile app development companies in the USA

With the new Android 3.6, the developers have the liberty to choose, edit, and apply the desired colors, which have been defined by them as color resources.

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The color resources can be filled in the application with the help of a color picker. Also, if the developers want to replace and select the value of color resources, unlike the past versions, they can do it now. The resources tab is a part of Color picker. If you want to reach the feature, it is accessed from both XML editor and design tools.

  • Multiple Virtual Displays

Earlier, there was preliminary support, but now it transformed into multi-display support in Emulator 29.1.10. With this particular feature, the developers would be able to construct android apps that have multiple display options in them. If you want to reach the functionality, first go to extended controls and then Settings in Android Studio 3.6 Emulator.

  • SDK Downloads

Version 3.6 has an SDK Manager that makes the downloading of Android SDK components straightforward and smooth. This is because it allows the android app development services to stop and resume the interrupted downloads rather than restarting them. Hence, you don’t have to go to point zero again.

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  • What do you think about view Binding?

This is a new feature for the android app development companies that would make their work more efficient. It would allow them to write codes that can interact with views through compile-time safety. This particular feature is required so that there are no disturbances between XML layout files and codes that may probably lead to a fall down at runtime.

View binding also enables the developers to add single lines as per their choice in build.gradle. The feature is an excellent replacement to the earlier ViewByld feature, and with it, every XML layout would have a binding class. Thus, the developers no longer have to worry about null pointer.

  • An APK Analyzer

The APK Analyzer was earlier present was there, but now it has been updated. The new APK Analyzer comes with Deobfuscate class and method bytecode. The developers can load the ProGuard mappings file for inspecting the DEX files. After the process of loading, the developer can right-click either the class or the method. After this, they would be able to inspect if they choose to show bytecode.

A mobile app development company can always use the assistance of an outsource android app development service or company to make better use of Android Studio 3.6.


  • Can you tell us which language is used by the Android Studio?

Android Studio is an advance function that is built to lighten the work of the developer to some extent. Therefore, it is written in a language that the developers are most familiar with. The language used by Android Studio is Java. Also, Java is the official language for Android development.

  • What do you understand by an Android Emulator?

An Android emulator can be defined as an Android virtual device that represents a particular Android device. It is oft6en used as a platform where one can run and test their Android apps by making the use of PC. Although the upcoming developers should note that using an Android Emulator is not at all compulsory.

  • Which one due to thinking is the best Android Emulator?

Currently, BlueStacks has maintained the highest position. Developers widely use this emulator. This is mainly because setting up BlueStacks is an easy task. Also, it is preferred a lot for gaming applications. Also, the play store provides the option to download the apps optimized through BlueStacks.

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Published Date: March 26, 2020

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