Understanding the Cost of Healthcare App Development

What are the types of healthcare apps that are popular today and how much does it cost to build a healthcare app? Check out to know more

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In recent times the healthcare industry has gone through evolutionary changes in terms of digitization and mobile growth. Patients no longer need to call for an appointment or visit a healthcare facility to fix a doctor’s appointment or wait for days to receive their diagnosis and reports. Today, a simple healthcare app can do all of that and much more. Patients can use mHealth apps to book an appointment, view their prescriptions, ask questions, etc using a single app. According to a report, the mHealth market can become as huge as $59 billion by 2020 from a mere $6.7 billion in 2012. Obviously, this is a huge business opportunity and a healthcare app development company can make a lot of revenue by building high-end medical applications for healthcare. 

But what are the types of healthcare apps that are popular today and how much does it cost to build a healthcare app? To answer this question, there are several factors that we need to consider, which is what this blog attempts to do.

What does a Healthcare Mobile App do?

To begin with, let’s understand what is a healthcare mobile app and what are the types of features and functionalities it can have. A healthcare app provides health-related services, information, and solutions to doctors, patients, and others involved in the healthcare delivery domain. Depending on their function and how they’re used, healthcare mobile apps can be split into healthcare apps for doctors and apps for patients. Let’s look at some of these apps:

  • Apps for doctors 

These apps specifically address the functions and needs of healthcare providers, i.e. doctors, hospitals, clinics, other healthcare professionals. They can use these apps to store patient-related data, manage and share patient records, respond to queries, confirm appointments, assign prescriptions, view and share reports etc. 

  • Apps for patients

These apps are for healthcare consumers who use them to fix doctor appointments, access reports and prescriptions, monitor health parameters (pulse rate, blood pressure etc), track physical fitness etc.

  • Chronic Care Apps 

A relatively recent and revolutionary development in the mHealth space are apps that help patients with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and so on, and thus require ongoing treatment and regular consultation and monitoring. Chronic healthcare mobile apps healthcare come with advanced features to help patients track various parameters like sugar levels, changes in tumor size etc.

  • Apps for medical awareness

These are general medical applications for healthcare that provide an initial diagnosis that brings awareness to patients and doctors. They serve as a good source of medical info for all involved in the treatment. 

  • Fitness Apps 

Those using FitBit, Goqi, MyFitnessPal and other such apps will be familiar with these kind of medical apps. Users can use such healthcare mobile apps to track their nutrition, monitor their diet, physical activity like jogging or walking, weight management etc. Some of the high-end apps feature health and fitness tips from experts that are shared via push notifications.

  • Apps for women

Women have very unique health requirements and medical issues, so there is a huge market to build a healthcare app meant just for women. 

  • Miscellaneous health mobile apps

There are apps to track patient medications and remind them to take their prescriptions on time. Other apps allow patients to save their medical records on mobile phones and share with doctors as required. Some devices, like the iWatch, come with an emergency alarm that actively tracks the patients pulse rate and in case of a sudden rise or fall it sends a medical emergency alert to a pre-filled mobile number.

Before we discuss the cost of developing healthcare mobile apps, you should note that such apps are very different from regular ones. They not only need to have 100% error-free performance but also best-in-class features and most importantly iron-clad security in order to protect patient records and sensitive information. In fact, data security is the biggest concern of healthcare app developers. They need to safeguard everything from login credentials and medical data, to personal identifiable information and health records. Also, in most healthcare facilities use dated technologies to maintain records. Modern medical applications for healthcare need to be compatible with these legacy HER systems.

So the job of healthcare app developers is very challenging, and each app takes a long time to plan, design, test and deploy. Moreover, health mobile apps need to comply with a multitude of regulations such as FDA, HCCA and HITECH. 

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Cost of Developing a Healthcare App 

Obviously the cost of developing any app depends on the desired features and functionalities. The more complex your app, the higher will be the cost to hire healthcare app developers as they will need to be highly experienced. Even the time required to develop such complex apps will be much more. Another key factor that adds to the cost of healthcare mobile app development is the choice of the platform because developing for both iOS and Android will cost you more. 

Keeping all these factors in mind, the cost of developing a healthcare app can fall in the range of USD 30,000 all the way to USD 70,000-80,000. For a more accurate estimate or to hire healthcare app developers, you can reach out to Digifutura, a leading healthcare app development company.

Published Date: December 31, 2019

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