Top 7 Things to Consider When Hiring Offshore App Developers

Have a look at few things to consider before hiring offshore developers or offshore development company for your mobile app project.

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The demand for professional offshore development services is growing in order to cater to the exploding demand for high-end, feature-rich and high performing mobile apps. In fact, a good apps has become an important differentiate for brands. But developing mobile apps has various aspects and it may not always be feasible for a company to develop mobile apps in-house. Mobile app development will require a company to build a team of app developers who can build cross-platform apps, have expertise in multiple tools and frameworks required for mobile app development, and also be able to test apps. In such a scenario, it is ideal to hire offshore developers who can create mobile apps fast and ease your burden.

Before we begin to discuss things to consider before hiring offshore developers, you must understand that the most important evaluation criterion is that the mobile app developer should be able to share your vision and grasp your requirements completely. The ability to communicate and understand your mobile app requirements is paramount.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers

Offshore app development

Hiring mobile app developers in countries like India is cheaper than hiring in the US or in Europe, thus giving you access to a highly-skilled global talent pool at affordable rates. The age-old benefits of cost arbitrage apply in the mobile app development domain as well. Some offshore app developers come at a fraction of the rate in the US, offering the same quality services.

Top 7 Things to Consider When Hiring Offshore App Developers

Faster, easier access to new skills

Several offshore development companies offer the latest technical skills and infrastructure, and have developers on board with experience in new technologies required for app development. This way you don’t need to repeatedly up skill your existing workforce or hire expensive in-house developers.

Protection from snooping 

Mobile apps are very competitive and there could always be a competitor ready to launch a mobile app just like yours. So if you hire an onshore app developer or a development company, you could run the risk of having an app with the UI and features similar to that of competition. But a key benefit of hiring remote workers is that an offshore developer will be able to give you a fresh perspective, different designs, new features etc. because they operate in a different environment.

Things to Consider Before Hiring Offshore Developers

Work Portfolio

This is the first qualification that you can check when you want to hire offshore developers or even nearshore developers. When you check the work portfolio, which in this case will be apps previously developed and launched by the developer, it will give you a good idea of his expertise, skills, and ideas. While checking out the apps he has previously developed, make sure you check for functionality, performance, number of good reviews and the ratings on both Google and Apple stores. Also check the kind of clients that the mobile app developer has previously worked for in-app development projects.

Technical Expertise 

Technologies keep evolving almost on a daily basis, and this holds especially true for mobile technologies. The offshore app developer you hire must be well-versed in existing as well as emerging technologies, including AI, augmented reality and virtual reality. Remember that only the best mobile apps will make your brand a winner, so the offshore developers you hire should be able to create stunning apps that users will love.

Industry and Domain Specialization

Mobile apps are today being launched by companies of all sizes and from different kinds of domains. However, each industry has its own nuances and requirements, and good mobile app developers must be aware of the differing requirements. For instance, an eCommerce app has different security measures and regulations as compared to a banking mobile app.

All-around Performance

Developing a mobile app is not just about coding and implementation but also about design, testing and usability. All these aspects work together to create a successful and popular app. So when you hire offshore developers for mobile app development, make sure they can support all these requirements. They should be able to create dynamic and attractive user interfaces, robust and high-performance backend and launch the app successfully with no glitches. They should be able to add unique features which will help your app stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Development Experience

This is another obvious point to consider. The benefits of an offshore developer are possible only if you can hire an experienced one. Hiring offshore talent does not mean that you pick the cheapest mobile app developer, but the most talented and experienced developer who has a varied and extensive portfolio. This applies even when you want to hire an offshore development company.

Cost of App Development

Only after you’ve shortlisted mobile app developers on the basis of their experience, skill and quality of work, should you consider the cost factor. Find the app developers or offshore development company that promises you quality work at best prices. Also carefully discuss and finalize payments terms before the project begins in order to avoid additional charges later.


The app developer’s work does not end with submitting the app to the marketplace. He also needs to update the app, fix possible bugs and add new enhancements as required. Chances are that the developer or the offshore development company will have additional pricing on a monthly or hourly basis. Make sure you understand this and factor it into your cost of mobile app development.

These are some of the things to consider before hiring offshore developers or offshore development company for your mobile app project. Since app requirements can change according to features, functionalities and the industry, you could even consider hiring multiple developers for mobile app development.

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Published Date: November 7, 2019

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