Top 6 Benefits of Custom Software Development

Custom software also allows developers, and enterprise users, more flexibility and scalability, and is easier to maintain and enhance as per business needs

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Custom software development helps enterprises create a customized software solution designed specifically to address their unique needs. Every business is different and has its own challenges and requirements making custom software development a popular and preferred choice today as compared to off-the-rack, boxed software solutions.Custom software also allows developers, and enterprise users, more flexibility and scalability, and is easier to maintain and enhance as per business needs. Basically custom software evolves with business needs, something not possible in boxed software. Obviously, custom software development costs more and also requires more investment in terms of time and effort, but this far outweighs the long-term benefits it offers an enterprise.

Take a look at the top benefits of Custom Software Development that we have curated for you:

1.Adaptability : A custom software development company can tailor-make any kind of software or application to meet specific needs and requests. Custom software is scalable and can be easily adapted to the size, current and future needs and unique challenges of a business enterprise. It is easier for a custom software development company to integrate the software it creates with the existing platforms and software environment for a customer.

2.Truly Bespoke : It is important to understand that custom software does not mean a software product with a random combination of usual functionalities put together with a special nametag on it. Custom software is designed using iterative methodology which means that the custom software development company takes into account multiple features like possible risks, deployment scenarios, specific nuances, technology environment etc. And because this software has been created specially for a business, it can be updated, modified and tailored as required without having to worry about license costs, version control etc.

3.More Secure : Packaged software is more likely to be hacked as compared to bespoke software created just for you and hosted exclusively on your server (cloud or on-premise). It is easier for hackers to figure out the code of boxed software. No business can afford to lose its data to hackers, so it is essential to use software that is secure and access-controlled to users within the enterprise and is protected from external threats.

4.Highly Scalable : As we have stated earlier, an enterprise has evolving needs, and the most basic of these requirements is the growth and spread of the enterprise. As a business grows and becomes more profitable it will expand its operations which means it will require apps to handle more load. The upside of custom made software is that it can be easily scaled to meet growing business requirements without incurring addition software or licensing costs.

5.Easier Integration : Each department in an organization has its own requirements, and sometimes these are too diverse for any fixed, single version of software to address. Additionally, different apps being used need to integrate with each other, such as accounting and HR have to integrate to ensure proper payout of salaries. Custom software makes integration easy and enables a smooth exchange of data.

6.No Bloating : Custom software development is very efficient because it allows you to develop only what you truly need and will actually use. Boxed software tends to have additional features that you will perhaps never use but will have to pay for. At times the features are so complex that your employees will need additional training to learn them.

7.Better product support : When you employ a custom software development company to build your enterprise apps, or if instead of using custom software development services you develop it internally, be assured that you will get the best product support. You will have access to a support team that was actually involved in the development process, which means they will know it inside out and will be able to resolve issues much faster. Similarly maintenance of custom software will be better and less risky because you’re not dependent on a third-party vendor.

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Custom software development is a great business investment, provided your enterprise can afford it (small businesses and entrepreneurial set-ups might find it cheaper to purchase off-the-rack software). The larger a business the better it is to invest in custom software development because boxed software is too generic and may not have sufficient features to address all your requirements. However, do remember that custom software development involves a lot of investment so you need to ensure you get it right by planning well.Hiring a custom software development company might be a good idea, especially if you don’t have the necessary resources in-house. Seek help from an experienced custom software development company that can help transform your business with custom software development.

Published Date: September 10, 2019

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