Top 5 Enterprise Mobile App Trends to grow your Business

Enterprise Mobility is playing a major role in Business,regardless of their model, scalability or size.

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What is an Enterprise Mobile Application?

Enterprise mobile app is developed solely to be used in the business world to solve different problems of an enterprise. Basically, it is a software platform which is big and works in critical processes. These applications may include payment processing, customer support, email marketing systems, automated billing systems, enterprise application integration and many more processes.

Below is the list of benefits of enterprise mobile apps which really make sense for employees and business

Dynamic Collaboration : It provides great collaboration across various departments in your office. You get the choice to even collaborate in real time with the division in another country or state or with the field workers.

Easy Accessibility of Data : It helps you to access any official data from anywhere and at any point in time while you are on the go.

Better Customer Satisfaction : Enterprise apps ensure that the employees have access to the official information they require and this helps them to offer better customer service, including faster response time and better issue resolution.

Offline Access : Enterprise apps automatically synchronize the information in the background and stores on the devices, so you can access the data offline too. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, your data won’t be lost and you can get all the required information from official documents.

Increase Productivity : It enables employees by providing customization option depending upon the business operations. This result in increased operational efficiency driving better productivity.

Reduced Costs : It helps you to transform the old-school traditional process into a more secure and efficient e-processes. This helps to eliminate the costs of office stationary uses.

Enterprise mobile app with the latest ongoing trends in the world

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning : AI is rising, developing and is ready for further innovation. The wonderful capability to auto-adapt is helping AI development in advancing business operations, automate the task and boosting productivity. As AI technology and machine learning enter the workplace, businesses are expecting IT to play an important role. In the context of the mobile app, AI can be an assistant, guide to the users, an intelligent sensor as well as monitors business calls. This consists of the voice-based assistant and chat bots.

AI technology and tools will excite human conversation and thus it opens great possibilities for better customer services. Facebook Messenger Bot and Amazon Alexa are a few of the greatest examples. AI development also has the ability to enable employees; specifically, those are in the knowledge domain. According to Carrie Christensen, Operations VP of Mint Solar “This technology can coach customer-facing service workers to speak more effectively. Expect AI to increasingly support white-collar workers in 2018 and beyond.”

IOT focused app : Already IOT is much in existence and our team is using it in various forms and elements. IOT is effective in successfully piercing the business automation domain. It is the machine to machine (M2M), sensor, telemetry, and related computing functions. It allows different devices to get connected to an IP portal and continue working.

As machines are getting connected, machine learning offers effective support to the process. Developers are using the procedure and creating machines more intelligent. The use of AI technology in the devices is one of the IOT trends. It is making our home and office smart.

For example, if an employee is using their own device, they work on the same portal. Thus, IOT fixated enterprise mobile app useful in decreasing the cost and provide flexibility to the employee in the workplace. Enterprise mobility and IOT will take the productivity of business to yet another level.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality : In 2016, the whole world was excited about Pokémon Go. With this game, mobile users for the first time came directly in contact with the Augmented Reality technology. The experience was surely inviting and users started demanding more.

In 2017, AR and VR made it to the enterprise mobile app path to reach beyond commitment and promotion devotions to business operation. From virtual conferences to projecting various kinds of demonstration, AR and VR come with great advantages.

It provides a hands-free workflow where the professional gets to see the needed digital information overlaid onto the work atmosphere without moving from their places. It has the potential to support cross-geographic collaboration. Marketing professionals are able to use AR to view retail inventory and sales data. VR is transforming simple tools like video conferencing and live chats.

Block chain Technology: Block chain technology development brings immense opportunity with it. The four essential categories to look in 2019 are

  1. Block chain-based wallets,
  2. Industry-specific customer applications,
  3. Enterprise block chain apps integrated with AI

Different industries like automobiles, retail, finance, airlines are exploring block chain technology for its possible advantages in day-to-day business operations. Decentralized communication, transparency, and security are the major benefits of this technology. As per the saying of the World Economic Forum, “by 2025, 10% GDP would be stored on block chain- technology”.

Technology has the potential to drive efficiency and simplicity in different industries. Recently, we were researching how block chain can support the healthcare industry. It can support the entire lifecycle of a patient’s Electronic Health Records by making data easily accessible.

The built-in features of the block chain technology work as an innovative means which is useful in tracking a difficult treatment process. It delivers the space for collaborative R&D in a safer way across the borders. This offers more productivity and minimizes costs. The block chain is no more restricted to crypto-currencies and payment wallets. It has a huge potential to change the overall peer-to-peer network. The block chain technology based mobile applications are increasing and it will have a great effect in the near future.

Security Concerns is essential for Enterprise Mobile App Development

The data is sensitive at business and personal security point of views, mainly when it exposes through highly susceptible mobile applications to the outside world. For example, a group of employees working in the same field or customers using the apps.

Bring your own devices like practices adding more in security concerns where control over device type or device level security is beyond the mobile app development team or an IT department of the enterprise. A different mode of connectivity like public Wi-Fi for an enterprise app databases make a mobile app of enterprise the low hanging fruits for malicious elements on the web and digital world in the vicinity.

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We have seen that developing an enterprise mobile application require focus and altogether different concerns that you need for professional mobile apps or apps for SMBs. Addressing security aspects in a highly insecure environment of enterprises through BYOD and different modes of connectivity is indeed challenging for even the seasoned mobile app developers with prolonged experiences and expertise.

Published Date: June 21, 2019

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