Top 21 React UI Component Libraries and Frameworks in 2020

We here present a collection of some of the more popular and widely used React UI frameworks and libraries.

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There is a huge list of UI frameworks and libraries available for ReactJS today, and which one you pick obviously depends on the complexity and requirements of your app development project, and on which framework and library will make your job easier. To help you get a good overview of React UI frameworks and libraries available we present a collection of some of the more popular and widely used tools.


The components in this framework for ReactJS development are mainly used for desktop applications. Think of a React component like a building block meant for creating React apps. Blueprint is ideal for developing data-dense and complex interfaces, allowing ReactJS developers to choose specific pieces of code for creating and arranging icons, for managing time zones, date etc. Blueprint also provides other elements like breadcrumbs, tags, buttons, tabs, callouts, navigation bars, dividers, cards and so on.

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Arwes is a ReactJS framework used by ReactJS developers to create UI for web apps using cyberpunk and more futuristic sound effects and animations similar to sci-fi movies.


R-suite is essentially a wide range of component libraries for system products for enterprises, and it works with every major platform and browser. It also renders very well on the server-side. The different components, including library components like tooltips, dividers, loaders, icons etc., comprising R-suite are easy to customize.

4. Evergreen

Evergreen is comprehensive and can be used for high-end web app development, especially enterprise web apps. It utilizes React primitive making it very flexible and adaptive. Evergreen comes with many tools and ReactJS development components including colors, typography, icons, and layouts, feedback indicators, file uploads, toggles, dropdowns and much more.

5. React Toolbox

React Toolbox relies on CSS modules and is used by developers to implement Material Design Google principles in React app development projects. ReactJS developers like Toolbox because it provides visitors with an in-browser editing tool that allows them t play around with various elements in real-time. At the time of developing an app, the developer can choose to import elements in raw form or as packs (components already come with the required themes and dependencies).

6. Ant Design

Ant Design offers components that are easy to use and ideal for sophisticated UI. Ant Design provides very creative, high-quality components for developing enterprise framework apps like Vue, Angular and React implementations.

7. Semantic UI

Semantic UI uses HTML for its development framework and integrates with Ember, Angular, Meteor, React etc.

8. Material UI

Material UI is probably the most popular React library components because of its features and stunning, yet minimalistic, UI. Material UI is packed with a huge set of components like sliders, menus, icons, dialog boxes, cards, buttons, badges, auto-complete, app bars etc., as well as React templates and themes that developers can use to customize apps.

9. React Foundation

React Foundation is feature-rich, especially when used in combination with Immutable and Redux, but at the same time it is wonderfully easy to use and customize. It comes with several components like grids, text alignment, and typography among others.

10. Reactstrap

Reactstrap has two major distribution versions, i.e. a basic one which has no optional dependencies so it provides ReactJS developers with more flexibility for configuring demanded dependencies; and a more complete version that has every optional dependency and is better for developing smaller apps.

11. React Native UI Kitten

React Native UI Kitten includes a suite of UI components that convey style descriptions and help style components and make them reusable. This allows ReactJS developers to focus on the business logic allowing the UI Kitten framework to manage the visual elements. Components of React Native UI Kitten include styling, theming, global elements, models, overlays, forms, navigation and more.


Gestalt is used by developers to implement basic UI components and simplify the transactions between developers and designers. These basic UI components enhance usability and user experience on Pinterest.

13.React Lite UI

React Lite UI is simply a lightweight set of ReactJS components that are easily customizable and can be quickly bootstrapped to an app.

14. KendoReact

KendoReact, unlike many other ReactJS components, is not open source or free. Though a little high-priced, KendoReact components are very high quality and feature-rich, and have been chosen by top enterprises like NASA, Microsoft and Sony.

15.React Desktop

React Desktop is a JavaScript library that is compatible with practically any JS-based project, and it comprises of components from Sierra, Windows 10 and even macOS.


Though not talked about much, PrimeReact is actually an integral component of the React UI toolkit. It has components to meet practically each and every fundamental interface requirement like messages, data presentation, menus, input options, etc. ReactJS developers use PrimeReact to enhance user experience through elements like interactive design, themes and templates.


Belle has a huge set of components, and their customization can be done as a group or individually. Belle is quite easy to use because all developers need to do is set a simple ReactJS app and then import a component from Belle.

18.React Virtualized

For a data-dense front-end, developers prefer the React Virtualized library because it has multiple React components for rendering large content grids, lists, or tables and because it works with regular browsers on desktop and mobile. This content heavy layout can also be customized by configuring the visual elements.

19.Onsen UI

Onsen UI is preferred by developers for building multi-platform mobile apps. Onsen uses JavaScript and HTML5 and works with React, Angular, and Vue. On the basis of the platform – iOS or Android – the elements are styled automatically, which means that developers can write the code just once.


Grommet is another big component library and is used by Netflix and Boeing, among others. Grommet is great for developing apps for phones or for bigger screens, and can be accessed via a screen reader or keyboard.

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21.React MD

React MD or material design, offers you a selection of React components that make is easier to add material design to your application. These components work with SASS which makes it easier for developers to customize elements, such as typography and colors, ensuring that they match present styles.

Selecting what React UI frameworks and libraries you want to use for your React UI toolkit has to be a decision based on multiple factors. It’s a good idea to engage a React JS services provider like DigiFutura to understand what will work best for you.

Published Date: September 30, 2019

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