Top 16 Mobile App Development Trends to Dominate in 2020

Here are the few trends that will help you in identifying the major difference that the mobile app development industry is going to pave in the upcoming times.

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Yellow and orange are two most distinguished yet inseparable colors whenever we describe the beauty of the sun, similarly, smartphone technology and mobile applications are two threads of the same scarf. Mobile applications have given a healthier and wealthy market. Therefore, the entities have pushed themselves to a mobile application development company as well as technological advancement. 

Mobile App Development Trends

Let us look at some development trends that would like to rebuild themselves every day to their full potential.

Top 16 Mobile App Trends that will Dominate in 2020

  • Do AI and machine learning seems to be something new? 

Artificial intelligence is not a new concept and has already excelled itself in the field of medical and manufacturing. It is believed in the coming four to five years Artificial intelligence would become an integral part of our lives. The business houses that are adopting machine learning and artificial intelligence procedures are experiencing an increase in profit scales. 

  • Blockchain development- a boon for mobile apps 

Blockchain development is largely associated with IT and cryptocurrency but now it has found its way in mobile application development. The technology can prove to be of vital importance especially when it makes sure that no fake document is created and data breaching is prevented. With the blockchain technology payment safety can be taken to the next level if it is mingled with mobile payment applications.

  • Internet of things- used widely in android and ios app development

The Internet of things is another essential app development trend that would make our life much easier and would leave zero space for mistakes in the coming future. Whether it is checking that you have locked your house or car to self-driving. In the coming year, the Internet of things could be seen implemented especially in healthcare and smart automobiles. 

  • 5G Wireless technology- a step towards mobile app development

There is hardly anyone who would deny that he or she does not require a high-speed data connection. The coming of 5G Wireless technology would ensure that you will get a hundred times faster speed than that of the current 4G network. It would provide you a better gaming experience along with data security. 

  • Enterprise mobile app development 

EMM is not new to us but enhancing their involvement in the mobile app would ensure better connectivity among the employees and enable them to share data over mobile phones with full security. EMM could be largely used in-app maintenance and finance management. Also, the mobile app development cost is affordable by all. 

  • Instant Mobile Apps- a new step for a mobile app development agency

Instant mobile apps are something that would benefit both the user and the developer. The user would get to know what the app holds for him or her without actually downloading it on their laptop, whereas the developer has a better chance to make more customers. It would also help in custom mobile app development

  • Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is a new advancement in the field of technology that would benefit the supplier of the services. When the customer enters a beacon zone then the app sends messages to the customer regarding the preferred products and where they can find them at a certain cost. The technology has already made its way in healthcare and hotels. 

  • Wearable devices- a cross-platform mobile app development 

With wearable devices, there is supposed to be a great increase in fitness trackers. These devices are shifting people’s dependence on smartphones. As these devices need another system such as an android or WatchOS etc., therefore it is necessary to have an increase in their production and advancement. 

  • On-demand apps

There is another category that will share a large market area. There is an increase in the number of on-demand mobile apps such as taxi or food. These are likely to excel shortly as customers like these services. Shortly, we might need an on-demand domestic help, salon, babysitting service, etc. 

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual reality is moving out of its comfort zone and is shifting towards the more experimental zone of smartphones and in the business sector. A shift is very obvious as everyone wants to give their customers a real-life experience in their apps so that they avail the services. 

  • Mobile Wallets

The trend from e-commerce is now moving towards m-commerce and therefore you can see Google wallet. The blockchain technology has been used to make these emerging mobile wallets a safer place to operate for the customers. Sooner or later it would also include contactless payments. 

  • Chatbots

Chatbots have already proved themselves in the field and are going to become stronger in the coming year and therefore a better real-time interaction with the customers and service providers could be witnessed. So hire a Chatbot development company today. 

  • Cloud-integrated Mobile Apps

These will prove to be more truth worthy apps soon as they are the closed spaces where your data is more secured. Also due to the cloud services, the data is not saved directly on the mobile which makes the mobile light. 

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages by Front end developers

It is something that has been established in collaboration with Twitter and is the version that would enhance the speed of the mobile pages made with HTML. You will also be able to experience high performance and good loading speed for web pages. 

  • Predictive Analytics by backend developers

This is a technique that would predict the technological future with the use of the current data that is available to you. It makes use of things such as data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 

  • Improved App Security- the requirement to hire mobile app developers

Improved app security would prove to be of vital importance to the developers and therefore in 2020, we will witness a trend of apps that are more secure than their predecessors. Thus, the highly protective security system will successfully engage a number of users to make their payments online.

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These trends will help in identifying the major difference that the mobile app development industry is going to pave in the upcoming times. With such humungous demand, it is important to design various apps in a better way. Get acquainted with these trends to get your ultimate app developed with all the amazing features in it!

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Published Date: January 22, 2020

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