Top 11 Java Development Tools in 2019

Java comes with a vast library of high-performance and open source tools that make Java development so easy.

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Java is an enterprise-grade development and programming language that has rapidly become a hot favorite of developers. Since its launch, Java has grown into one of the preferred programming languages for various factors such as the scope it allows developers, its ease of use and flexibility, and most importantly its rich library of development tools. Java developers simply love using the plethora of tools that Java has to offer be it for web development or for building apps.

However, the vast number of tools poses a problem. Not all tools are good and some of them are too new to be reliable and sturdy. And just because a tool is popular does not mean that it’s high-performance and ideal for Java web development or mobile app development. The ideal Java tool has to be selected by a Java web development company (or a Java app development company) based on a variety of factors such as features, functionality, relevance to context or scope of development etc.

Top 11 Java Development Tools in 2019

What are Best Tools for Java Development?

Here’s our selection of the Best Java Development Tools a Developer Must Know in 2019. We have handpicked the tools in this list keeping in mind that there no one ideal tool for all developers, and that eventually the quality of the tool also depends on the developer’s skills. So let’s look at which tools could be the best for your projects.

  • Java Development Kit: Regardless of project scope and requirements, any Java web development company or Java app development company will require the basic and most important tool, i.e. the Java Development Kit (JDK). For Java developers using JDK is an essential tool for building Java-based applets and applications because it comes with important tools like Java Compiler, Java Runtime Environment, and Java APIs. So think of JDK as the important first step in Java Script development.


  • Integrated Development Environment: An integrated development environment, or an IDE, is another one of the most vital Java development tools that lays down comprehensive framework for Java development companies to build Java web and mobile apps. Typically an IDE will have a source code editor, build automation tools, as well as a debugger. Though there are multiple Java-friendly IDEs available, Eclipse and Netbeans are the two most important ones. Eclipse, an open-source IDE, provides for code completion, refactoring and syntax checking. Netbeans is also an open-source IDE used by the best Java development companies for building desktop, mobile and web applications using bug-free code.


  • JUnit: JUnit helps Java application development companies write and run tests. JUnit is an open source unit testing framework, and unlike other similar tools, it allows Java developers to test just one block of code at a time rather than waiting for the module to be completed before you run a test. This feature speeds up Java Script development and ensures that each line of code is of the highest quality.


  • Mockito: Mockito is another open source unit testing tool for Java development, with the added feature of Java mocking. Mockito tests Java code using a clean and simple API, which deliver clean verification errors. Mockito is primarily a mock library that helps you create, verify and stub mocks – an essential aspect of Java development.


  • Gradle: Gradle is used by the best Java development companies for project automation. Did you know that Gradle is actually the default build system for Android OS? That’s because Gradle is able to balance between extensibility and structure, and splits its files into tasks, which allows for incremental development meaning. Gradle is also able to differentiate between what tasks are unnecessary and necessary, based on the convention-over-configuration paradigm.


  • Apache Maven: Apache Maven is a build and project management tool based on Project Object Model. Apache Maven is a very useful Java Development Tool that follows best practices to get any new project or module launched almost instantly. It allows Java Script developers to easily write plugins using Java with easy access to new features. It also supports the use of a central repository of JARs and other dependencies.


  • Groovy: Groovy has static-typing and compilation capabilities that enhance a developer’s productivity. Groovy, true to its name, has exciting features like readable and expressive syntax, is great for writing concise and maintainable tests and can integrate seamlessly with Java and other third-party libraries to help a Java development company build feature-rich Java app.


  • YourKit: YourKit is a Java profile used by JavaScript developers to find and fix memory leaks, compare the possible outcomes of using different code paths and identify performance issues to help build quality apps. YourKit integrates seamlessly with Java-related IDEs and also has powerful exception-profiling capabilities. It helps Java developers profile various kinds of database calls and queries.


  • Apache Spark: Apache Spark is a lightweight framework for Java web app development. It is an open-source Java framework that helps rapid development and is ideal for large-scale applications across systems. Apache Spark is written in Scala language for interacting with Spark core engine. It comes with tools for interactive/declarative queries, streaming data and for machine learning.


  • Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit: Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit (jRat) is an analysis toolkit that helps Java developers measure an app’s performance, and sort out potential issues that can impede an app’s performance.


  • JIRA: JIRA is one of the most popular and widely-used Java tools that is used by JavaScript developers as well as project managers for planning and bug-tracking. JIRA is a very robust tool and is based on Agile methodologies. Java development companies ensure that their developers are well-versed in this tool because JIRA is a powerful tool for helping developers build client stories, chart out sprints, and manage tasks.

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Java is widely used by web and mobile app developer community across the world not just because of its scalability, flexibility and ease-of-use, but also because Java comes with a vast library of high-performance and open source tools that make Java development so easy. Any Java development company will vouch for Java’s usefulness for Java Script developers and how it makes their job easier and faster, and helps build error-free code. This list covers only some of the more prominent and popular Java tools. However, today there are so many Java tools available and each one is designed to make Java app development easier. Do share your comments and suggestions with us on your experience with Java development tools in 2019.

Published Date: September 30, 2019

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