The Snake (Python) or the Jewel (Ruby)? –What’s Your Pick for Web App?

Python and Ruby are vastly different when you look at how they address problems, because their syntax itself is very different.

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Python and Ruby are today undoubtedly the most popular development languages for developing websites and web apps, with Python, probably having some edge over Ruby because of various factors, one of them being that Python has been around longer. Both Python and Ruby have a lot in common, such as their visual elements, their ability to provide web app developers with object-oriented coding, an interactive shell, well-stocked standard libraries, and great support from a large developer community. At the same time, despite these similarities, Python and Ruby are vastly different when you look at how they address problems because their syntax itself is very different.

Python was developed long before it was began being used for web development, as a prototyping language that easily could be translated into C++. Ruby, however, was created specifically for web development and gained popularity with the addition of the Rails framework that was great for complex websites.

So which one is the right choice for web app development? Is one better than the other or should you Hire Python app developers as or hire web app developers also skilled in Ruby? Or should you hire both because your needs could vary depending on the kind of project? Let’s find out.

Language and Syntax


Python’s goal is to make the developer’s life easier by taking a direct approach to programming. It has three key principles:

  • Explicit is better than implicit
  • Simple is better than complex
  • The complex is better than complicated

It has an easy-to-read and simple-to-comprehend syntax, which also makes it easy for developers to debug the code when required.


Ruby is based on “human-language” programming, as is evident from its code that reads like a verbal language and not like a machine-based one. Ruby provides developers with multiple ways to do the same thing. Unlike Python, Ruby uses units or blocks in a program, because Ruby is a deeply object-oriented programming language. Everything in Ruby is an object, be it classes or modules or functions and operators. RoR development services include other features such as fragmentation, hashable and unhashable types, and mutable strings. However, with so many features, RoR developers find it hard to identify and fix bugs.

Developer Communities

Both Python and Ruby developer communities are vast and offer great support.


The developer community for Python has a large Linux and academic community which gives fantastic support for a variety of issues and requirements of Python app development.


Ruby’s community is also strong but different from that of Python’s because this community of dedicated RoR developers is focused mostly on web development and is faster at innovation. At the same time, the RoR development community is not yet as mature as Python’s.

Learning the Language

While choosing a web development language, a very important factor to consider is how easy or hard it is to learn, and this doesn’t change whether you have in house resources, or want to hire Python developers or hire RoR developers


Python has clean codes and is easier to understand for new and experienced developers alike. It also makes it easier to debug Python code.


Ruby, on the other hand, is comparatively harder to learn, has a comparatively harder syntax, and requires that the developer be well-versed in additional languages.



Python web development is ideal for data-heavy sites and those that require fast computation and calculations. That’s because Python comes with a live interpreter which is text-based and helps users to learn to code quickly.


Ruby is what you want to use if you’re looking for a website that will have heavy traffic and could be complex too.

Whether you pick Ruby, which uses Rails, or you pick Python, that uses Django, you would have selected a powerful framework. Make sure you also pick the right RoR development company, or the ideal Python app development company, that offers the right level of developer experience and excellent services.

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There are a lot of areas to be considered before you make a final decision on whether to go for Python web development or RoR development services. Ruby is more innovative and creative, while Python offers more stability and is more widely used. Eventually, the question is not about the advantages of RoR vs advantages of Python, but about which programming language best suits your needs and gives you the best development experience.

Developers love RoR web development because it is so flexible, while Python is popular for its stability in dynamic conditions. Ruby is popular with start-ups. Both technologies can be used to build and manage sites and applications of any complexity and functionality. Question is what are you looking for today – RoR development services or Python web development. It is always best to consult with a Python app development company or an RoR development company to learn what would be best for your specific project.

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Published Date: October 1, 2019

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