The All New IOS 13–Why You Should Be Excited?

Here’s a peek into what we can look forward to when IOS 13 finally hits the App Store.

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At its World Wide Developer’s Conference recently in San Jose, California, Apple announced a lot of new updates to its iOS, iPad, Mac, iPhone, Airpods etc. The highlight of the packed event was the all-new iOS 13 which is being rolled out around September 2019 with many new features and capabilities. Apple promises that the new OS will transform the user experience for Apple customers through better performance, sleek UI and high-speed functions and transitions.Here’s a peek into what we can look forward to when iOS 13 finally hits the App Store.

Better Vision and Visibility

That’s right! The iOS 13 comes with a Dark Mode feature which smoothens and darkens the screen for all native-apps and the home screen in dark or low-light environments. This feature, says Apple, not only makes it easier to see your screen and continue using your mobile device in low light, but also protects the eyes from a bright screen and eyestrain. We might feel ho-hum about this feature because a lot of individual, third party apps have been already offering dark mode functionality. But with IOS 13 the user can go to the Control Center and turn on the Dark Mode function and implement it across the device in one go. You can even program your phone to turn it on at a specific time (like after dark) every day on its own.<?p>

Get More Efficient

IOS 13 promises to make you more efficient and organized. The Reminder (native) app has been improved to help the user organize and prioritize tasks even better. In addition to a new User Interface, it is also easier to add dates, times, and locations with a lot of filtering options. You can also flag tasks, and tag contacts to remind you of a specific task linked to them. What’s more exciting is that Apple has also introduced a bit of AI element here. As an example, in the Reminders app you can enter some reminder and the app will automatically suggest when you’d like to be reminded, suggest tags for tasks and in case of tagged contacts you will be reminded of linked tasks automatically when you open their messages.

Find Places Faster, Better

Even die-hard fans of Google Maps will be impressed by the new maps in iOS 13 which offer a surprisingly detailed view of a location and has exciting views such as detailed 3D maps, dynamic street-level views etc. Offering a more visually enhanced option to Google Street View, the maps in the new iOS allows the user to navigate city streets with an amazing amount of ease. Apple Maps in iOS 13 have been recreated from scratch and are more detailed and accurate than earlier versions. However, these maps will initially be available for the US, with a planned release for global maps in 2020.

To Better Health

Catering to high user demand for health and fitness apps, the Health management app has been completely revamped in iOS 13 and now has many new updates and is more comprehensive. According to Apple the most notable new features in the Health app is its ability to help women track, predict and monitor their menstrual cycle, and the noise pollution monitor that checks if the noise surrounding the user can adversely impact his health.

Better Organized Pic Gallery

Almost all of us have a photo gallery, or the library as Apple calls it, that’s a random and unorganized collection of prized photos, accidental clicks or screenshots, duplicate pictures etc. But the new intelligent library in iOS 13 automatically sorts outs the images in your Library and presents a curated view of photos that are sorted by day, month or year. In addition to this iOS 13 also comes with more enhanced and sophisticated image editing tools that let you improve the final output of a photo clicked, for instance you can virtually move the light closer to or away from the subject of a photo when you click.

No More Mystery Messages

Typically when we receive a message from an unknown or new contact what we see is the phone number and a silhouette icon next to it. In iOS 13 the sender can program his Apple device to automatically send personal info along with the message (via iMessage) so that the receiver can see the sender’s name and photo (if added).

Overall Performance Improvement

Apple assures its customers that iOS 13 will be 30% faster because it will cut down on the time taken by lag, transition between tasks and screens etc, and because native apps will now become twice as fast and very lightweight. Moreover, Face ID will unlock the phone faster while any updates will also download 60% faster. The new Face ID or Touch ID feature from Apple is excellent not just for cutting down on lag or the time required to sign into apps but also for protecting user privacy. If any app or service does not require an authentication via email, Face ID gives users the option to keep their email ID protected by generating a proxy email address instead. This way fewer apps will be able to monitor user activity because we no longer need to share personal details, social media sign-ins etc. Users can disable the random address at any time.

Swipe to Type

For the first time Apple has introduced the swipe feature natively to allow users to slide their finger from one key to the next on the virtual keyboard and hence type faster.

Sing Along!

For those who love to sing along to their favorite tunes but don’t know the words, Apple Music in iOS 13 comes with real-time lyrics that will show on the screen as the song streams. Soon this feature will also be available on the yet-to-be-launched tvOS on Apple TV.

Creative Memojis

The popular 3D, animated Memojis in iOS 13 will be customizable with several new styles and features like hairstyles, teeth, body piercings etc. Basically the all-new Memojis will have tons of options to customize, and will allow users to share them as iMessage stickers and profile pics on third-party chatting apps. addition of makeup, lipstick, glasses, hairstyles and hats.

Siri Updates

The current version of Siri sounds good because it combines audio clips from voice actors, but it is still not very natural. In iOS 13, Siri, or its voice, will be completely software generated which means that not only can Siri pronounce hard words easily, but she (or he) is now a more smooth talker and sounds more human-like!

AirPods Included

AirPods have received a great consumer response so its only obvious that Apple will include them in their all-new iOS 13. Now users will be able to hear incoming messages via AirPods as soon as they are delivered and will also be able share and stream the same audio from a single Apple mobile device by just bringing AirPods close to each other or the device.

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Helping the Differently Abled

iOS 13 will allow full control of any Apple device (including laptops) purely by voice commands and allow hands-free operation. This is a great benefit for users with disabilities. With a new and improved Siri and more processing power, Apple is certain that its devices will respond more efficiently than ever to voice commands. In fact, the Voice Control feature will work even in offline mode.

We’re all looking forward to enjoying these exciting features of iOS 13 come Fall 2019, and to see if Apple will live up to its well-earned reputation of an innovator and game-changer.

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Published Date: August 12, 2019

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