NodeJS Development vs Golang Development:Comparison Guide

Both Node js and Golang development have numerous features which makes the both of them highly efficient for mobile and web app development in the global market.

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Besides design and idea, the success of mobile applications hugely depends on its Backend. If a mobile application can perform all the tasks efficiently, it will definitely ensure better outcomes. Since Backend development tools play a great role in mobile app development, it is very important to choose them correctly in order to create an effective cross-platform environment. You may have different options, such as PHP, ASP.NET, Node.js, Golang, etc. In this article, we will talk about the Nodejs vs. Golang comparison to know about them in detail for better Backend development.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is commonly known as an app development framework work that runs on JavaScript engine, V8, supported by Google Chrome. It was founded in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, and now Node.js companies are on high demand for their credibility. It makes web and mobile app development simple as it incorporates numerous JavaScript modules.Node.js comes up with a lot of benefits that help the developers to create better applications smoothly.

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Benefits of NodeJS development

  • Huge and robust techniques

Node js companies efficiently use Node.js web development framework that supports both frontend and Backend. It is actually very easy to use and allows the developers to make code reusability with extreme efficiency and reliability. This makes node js development services top-notch. 

  • Rapid processing

Node.js framework runs on V8, which is compatible with JIT (Just In Time) mechanism. Source code to machine code compilations is swift, which elevates the execution speed. Since it is able to create a real-time application, it is highly used in online gaming, video chats, etc. for its single-threaded and non-blocking features.

  • Caching

It helps you in single module caching, which means in case of any requests for the first module, the real-time app memory gets cached automatically without re-executing the code. So if you hire Node js developers, they will develop such apps that take less time to respond.

  • Data streaming

With the capability to process multiple requests concurrently, Node.js proffers outstanding outcomes for every web and mobile software development company.

  • Extensible feature

Since Node.js development is very extensible, it can be customized and extended as per your project requirements. In order to exchange data between the web server and the customer, it can use JSON as well as HTTP, DNS, and TCP.

Now that we have known about Node.js, it is time to focus on Golang in detail.

What is Golang?

Golang, fondly known as Go or Google Go, was introduced in 2009. It is an open-source cross-platform which also works similarly as C++ and Java according to code. For numerous advantages of Golang, developers like to use this hugely for web and mobile app development.

golang development company

Benefits of Golang Development

  • Rapid development

With the help of Golang development servicesyou can have a faster development, which is simple as well. Because of its simple syntax, it doesn’t come with any classes or types. With Golangthe developers can create faster app solutions to get a better outcome.

  • Transparent coding

Go is a compiled language that is available with a powerful typization, which means the Golang developers have to more careful and accurate while writing their codes. It helps them to understand the codes better for clean coding in the future.

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  • Garbage collection facility

Golang is popular for its Automatic Memory Management that implies it has the garbage collection facility. It uses the mark-and-sweep algorithm to reduce its latency to less than 1 ms.

  • Highly scalable

Golang companies offer such a framework which has high scalability. Because of this feature, the developers can manage different sub-tasks such as goroutines and channels at the same time.

  • Cross-compilation facility

Golang is usually preferred as a server-side development platform because of cross-compiling. With Go Compilers, the developers can create binaries with some simple commands for several operating systems.

It is clear now that both the Node.js framework and the Golang framework offer numerous numbers of benefits. They have high demands in the markets, especially for start-ups and big brands. Where Node.js is used by Netflix, PayPal, Walmart, Groupon, etc. Golang is highly preferred by some well-known companies like Google, BBC, Dropbox, Docker, and more. But in case you are not feeling that they are enough for you to find out the best fit for your project, we are going to discuss nodeJS vs. Golang performance to meet up your app development requirements.

Node js vs. Golang comparison

You should remember these influencing factors before going to choose the perfect framework for your app development work.

  • Maturity 

Both Node.js and Golang were introduced in 2009. However, Golang is said to be more decent and mature than Node.js. The main reason behind it is Node.js works with different APIs that go under constant changes.

  • Learning curve

The learning curve is another essential factor that should be considered before choosing a backend tool. Node.js, as the very top JavaScript frameworks, helps you to learn and start developing in Node.js environment easily. But on the other hand, to work with Golang, the developers require to know about the basic rules, process, pointers, and concept of programming beforehand. It means that Node.js is easy to learn than Golang so that it is preferred more by the developers.

  • Performance

In the case of performance, Golang always remains a few steps ahead from Node.js. Node.js takes more time to respond because of JavaScript, while Go has a very short loading and response time. Also, Go works very effectively for memory-bound tasks and raw CPU performance.

  • Scalability

Since Node.js is a single-threaded platform, it needs a particular sequence to execute the instructions. But when it comes to large apps, the developers have to face problems regarding scalability. However, Golang comes with a better language concurrency, which makes it compatible with different threads simultaneously but uses less RAM. So it is very clear that, according to concurrency, Golang provides better results than Node.js.

  • Tools

Another important thing about Node.js that the developers like the most are its in-built solutions. It not only helps to ease up the process of development but also reduces the time and costs. Whereas, Golang is available with a useful library which has some comprehensive features that don’t depend on any third-party. Because of the fewer tools, Go is preferred more by the developers to Node.js.

  • Deployment

When it comes to deployment, Golang is better than Node.js because Node.js cannot work without the installation of NPM (Node Package Manager). But Go needs no locale, and the binary is attached to the server automatically.

  • Error detection 

Another factor in determining the right backend development tool is error handling, and both Node.js and Golang provide optimal solutions for it. In Node.js, you can detect the error at the moment they happen while Golang is compatible with explicit error handling.

  • Community Support

Compared to Golang, Node.js has a large open-source community with more than thousands of contributors, and it is supported by some well-known brands like IBM, PayPal, Netflix, and more. But Golang has a smaller community than Node.js.

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  • Blockchain integration

For better Blockchain app development, it is important to look for better Blockchain integration. In terms of Blockchain integration, Node.js is easier to implement than Golang..

Bottom line

So far, we have tried to cover all the aspects of Node.js and Golang in detail. But it is hardly difficult to understand that there can be nothing perfect that can meet up all the requirements of your project. At first, decide your target audience and know the requirements of your projects and take help from a reliable web and mobile app development company to select the right server-side environment for your app projects.


1. Does Golang support macOS?

Yes, along with Windows, DragonFly BSD, Linux, etc. Golang compatibly works with macOS. 

2. Which one performs better – Node.js or Golang?

Node.js has medium performance while Golang offers high performance. Golang is mostly used for its low loading and low response time. Node.js usually takes more time for code execution because it works with JavaScript.

3. Does Node.js have better community support than Golang?

Yes, Node.js has a more significant community than Golang that includes famous brands like IBM, PayPal, Intel, and more, and this is a reason why developers like Node.js more than Golang.


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Published Date: April 23, 2020

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