Meanstack vs Mernstack-How to make the right choice?

Have a look at some essential features of the technologies that comprise both these stacks

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Before we begin comparing MEAN and MERN stacks, let’s look at some essential features of the technologies that comprise both these stacks:

  • MongoDB is a NoSQL document-oriented database program that allows cross-platform development. MongoDB is usually ideal for back-end applications for storing data as JavaScript Object Notation documents.
  • Express is an open-source web application framework for Node.js and is the most commonly used Node.js framework.
  • Angular is another open-source component of MEAN stack. It’s a web application framework developed and managed by Google.
  • Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows MEAN and MERN stack developers to run the application back-end in JavaScript.
  • React is a JavaScript front-end library used to build user interfaces. It’s developed and managed by Facebook.

What is MEAN?

MEAN stack comprises of four technologies i.e. MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. MEAN has been used by MEAN stack development companies to build several complex websites and web apps, and is one of the fastest-growing open source development frameworks. MEAN stack developers are in great demand because MEAN allows developers to reduce the time needed to manage the system and enables faster development of APIs, websites and web apps.

Benefits of MEAN

  • MEAN stack developers can easily switch between client and server, thus saving development time. Developers can write code in JavaScript very easily, while a JavaScript expert can manage the entire project using MEAN stack and launch apps on the server without deploying it to a stand-alone server.
  • MEAN stack development company can easily transfer a code written in another framework using the MEAN stack.
  • MEAN is flexible and lets developers test an app on a cloud platform. Developers can easily test apps and make changes where required.
  • MEAN stack development costs less, and it is also easier to hire MEAN stack developers because today most developers are familiar with JavaScript. On the other hand, technologies like LAMP stack requires developers to know multiple languages.
  • All the MEAN stack components are open source and use repositories and libraries to aid web development.

What is MERN?

Like the MEAN stack, MERN Stack is also a combination of web app development technologies i.e. MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. All the four technologies help a MERN Stack development company build an end-to-end framework for web developers to work in.

Benefits of MERN

  • One big advantage that MERN stack has is that React or React.js is one of its components. React allows MERN stack developers to use the same code on the browser and the server. This allows developers to create pages on the server when needed.
  • MERN stack technologies are also open-source, and it has a huge developer community to tap into. It cover the full development cycle.
  • MERN also supports the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture which allows web developers to proceed without glitches.
  • MERN carried a pre-built extensive suite of testing tools.
  • How To Choose The Right Stack
  • Choosing the best stack for your next build really comes down to your web development and app development needs. If your web development team are comfortable with ReactJS, then pick MERN stack. But for smaller sized projects, you should re-evaluate your choice carefully.
  • Both Angular.js and React.js, which are the key difference between MERN and MEAN stack, are dedicated to organizing the UI layer components and rendering them using an optimum code. Both these technologies are supported by great a huge library and vast documentation, sample codes, and tutorials.

How To Make The Right Choice?

Performance comparison

Angular.js now comes stable versions. Post its launch, Angular.js has evolved from being an unstable language to a fantastic JavaScript based MVC framework. It helps maintain better abstraction in your coding and manage files in a better way. React.js is ideal for developing code rapidly and has a more robust and stable performance than Angular.

Architecture analysis

For large enterprise projects MEAN stack scores over MERN, because of the need to maintain architecture. MERN stack development services offer easier UI rendering, but that’s the only advantage. In case of MEAN stack development services, Angular actually offers a very well-organized framework to support an MVC architecture where the database and UI code is isolated with an intermediate layer. This makes it ideal for enterprise-level architecture. MEAN stack developers can then easily manage the code and also upgrade easily when required.

Use of Third Party Libraries

Web app development companies tend to use several third-party libraries for building large-scale applications. Since Angular is a framework, and a robust one at that, it comes with ready to use features that make it easier for MEAN a stacked development company to use third-party libraries. It also supports “$http” calls to connect to the back-end server, unlike in MERN stack where React requires additional libraries to support these calls.

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Compared to the MERN stack, MEAN has been in the market for a longer time. However, both stacks have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. The MERN stack, however, is becoming more popular as web developers are preferring MERN over MEAN. By hiring a MERN stack development company, or a MEAN stack development, you can build social media websites, analytic tools, browser games, API web solutions, e-commerce websites and a lot more. But no matter which stack you pick for web development, both offer developers a lot of familiarity and standards for coders. Both MEAN and MERN stacks help developers by handling critical but repetitive tasks thus freeing up developer time for innovation.

Published Date: October 3, 2019

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