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Both AngularJS and VueJS have rapidly gained popularity!Check out which one would best suit your App.

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Most app developers and website developers have to decide which JavaScript framework they should pick for web app development, mobile app development etc. The popular frameworks available today are React JS, Angular JS and Vue JS. But for this discussion we will talk about Angular and Vue JS, with the latter being a relatively new entrant in the field.Reports show that Angular framework is being used in approximately 4,04,149 websites and Vue is being used to build about 1,31,658 websites. As per a 2017 Stackoverflow survey, Angular is loved by 51.7% of developers, and though Vue JS is new and not as popular yet, it is fast catching up.

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is a JavaScript based structural framework for developing web apps that are dynamic and have attractive front-end or client-side features. It primarily uses HTML as the template language, with an extensible HTML syntax which makes it more convenient to showcase the components of the application clearly.Angular JS development is gaining popularity and is supported by Google and eliminates the need for app developers to write huge blocks of codes. This is why it can be ideally integrated with any kind of server technology. HTML and Angular JS are quite similar to each other when it comes to designing apps, but HTML is not very useful when it come to app development. Angular JS comes with several ready-to-use pre-made modules without requiring developers to write and re-write such modules. Angular JS is being used by bring brands like PayPal, Sony and Weather, and has received over 44.000 stars on GitHub.

What is Vue JS?

Vue JS is being used by app developers to build user interfaces, and is a progressive framework because it is different from older monolithic frameworks. Vue JS has a core library concentrating only on the view layer, which makes it easier to choose and integrate with libraries or other projects. Developers like using Vue JS for developing contemporary single page applications by integrating it with several other supporting libraries and top-of-the-line tools. For this reason Vue JS has rapidly become popular with mobile and web app developers. Besides, despite being new, Vue JS is simpler and easier to learn when compared to other app development frameworks. Vue JS is lightweight, flexible and modular, and provides developers with excellent state management (Vuex) and routing (Vue Router) features. App development with Vue JS is faster because of an array of in-built and ready-to-use plugins, which also take care of fixing bugs and addressing other concerns. Since its birth in 2014, Vue has gained more than 125.000 stars on GitHub.

Why Choose Angular JS?

  • CLI – Command-Line Interface (CLI) is a tool in Angular JS which helps developers build apps in a command shell, making it easier compile code and add new dependencies.
  • Server Side Rendering – With Server Side Rendering the pages work faster on the client side, making the pages more SEO friendly.
  • TypeScript – Angular JS uses TypeScript which is a more advanced and mature language compared to JavaScript.  TypeScript helps app developers navigate and auto complete the code, and allows them to improve their standards and code better. 
  • Large Developer Community – The bigger the developer community, the easier it is to get help for fixing bugs, correcting errors and even getting reusable components. Developers constantly send pull request that get verified by Google which means app development with Angular JS has fewer issues.
  • Simpler Architecture – Angular JS has a simpler architecture which allows app developers to split an app into smaller modules and components. They can also establish directives that can alter the appearance or behavior of a DOM element or pipes, allowing them to create different apps, without the need to write them again.

Disadvantages of Angular JS

  • Performance – Angular JS is probably the heaviest of all JavaScript  frameworks, which affects the performance and speed of the app. So if the app is not required to be very advanced a lighter framework might be better.
  • TypeScript – TypeScript definitely improves code quality but for mobile app developers new to Angular JS, it can hard to learn TypeScript, which means more time required for development.
  • Time for Learning – Angular JS is comparatively an advanced app development framework. Though there is a large developer community, tutorials etc., it can still take developers time to learn Angular and resolve issues.
  • Versions disparities– For some reason there is a lot of  difference between the initial and the later versions of the Angular JS app development framework, especially since older versions may no longer be supported.
  • Non-valid HTML – Despite an app developer’s best efforts, he can end up created Angular JS code that is rejected by the W3C validation process.

Why Choose Vue JS?

  • Lightweight – Unlike Angular JS, the Vue JS framework for app development is very lightweight.
  • High Performance – Since Vue JS is lightweight and small, it is ideal for single page sites and even the development and loading time is fast.
  • Simple Coding – Vue JS is a very intuitive JavaScript framework and is usually a popular choice with less experienced or new developers. Mobile app developers just starting their programming career like using Vue JS for mobile app development for its simple and basic code.
  • Readability – Vue JS is also easier for developers to read and understand as compared to Angular JS, making it a delight to use for both new and experienced developers.
  • Server Side Rendering – Like Angular JS, even Vue JS allows server side rendering which allows pages to load faster on the client side.

Disadvantages of Vue JS

  • Community size – Despite its popularity and a growing user base of mobile and web app developers, the Vue JS community is smaller than Angular JS and there is not enough support for updating the framework. A lot of the updates for Vue JS are shared by its creator Evan You.
  • Not enough plug-ins/components – Vue JS is unable to provide enough important plug-ins and components required for app development which makes it very tough for a developer and can impact the app development project.
  • Too Flexible – Vue JS is flexible to a fault, because in case of more complex app development projects where a larger number of app developers are involved, the excessive flexibility can lead to errors and non-essential features etc.
  • External Library – Unlike Angular JS which has a big library, Vue JS asks developers to use axios for accessing APIs.
  • Not Enough Spread – Most of the Vue JS developers are based in Asia and consequentially the developer community is also comprised of Asian app developers. As a result there are not enough English speaking app developers for Vue JS.

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The Verdict

Angular JS and Vue JS are both very good JavaScript frameworks for web and mobile app development. They have rapidly gained popularity and have become almost as widely used as ReactJS.Developers need to understand the pros and cons of both the frameworks and pick the one that best suits the needs, not just current ones but also future requirements. Angular JS is a better choice for larger projects that require more tools, while Vue JS is great for single page sites. If you still need advice on which will be a better app development framework, reach out to Digifutura for guidance.

Published Date: August 27, 2019

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