List of Best Tools for Progressive Web App Development

Here are some of the best progressive web app development tools that are loved by progressive web app developers worldwide.

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Progressive web apps are trending today and progressive web app development is being used by leading brands to engage customers by offering a fantastic user experience. But what are progressive web apps, or PWAs?

Defining Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is like any other web page or web app, but in terms of appearance, usability, functionality, navigation and the interface, progressive web apps are like a native mobile app. What’s more, like an app (but unlike other web pages), progressive web apps can also work offline, just like native mobile apps. Progressive web apps are resilient and adaptable and can adapt to any browser and device. Of course, it’s important to hire the right PWA app development company to ensure that you get nothing but the best in progressive web app development service and get dynamite PWAs that can super-charge your brand.

Particulars of Progressive Web App Development

Both PWA mobile development and PWA web development have several elements involve such as the app shell, offline downloading of content, JavaScript Object Notification, and so on. All these elements are put together by progressive web app developers to ensure that you get a gorgeous app with amazing features.

What Tools and Frameworks Work Best for PWA Development?

There are a lot of options available today for PWA developers. All these tools and frameworks for PWA development offer robust, reliable, secure and attractive web apps. Here are some of the best progressive web app development tools that are loved by progressive web app developers worldwide.

Angular JS

Angular JS without a doubt is the hot favorite among progressive web app developers because of its robust, cutting edge and dynamic JavaScript framework. Angular JS is used by app developers for PWA development on the client-side. AngularJS simplifies PWA web development and PWA mobile development, allowing developers to easily add several functionalities. The latest Angular JS versions are 5 and 6, and both come with PWA development support built-in. These versions also offer new functions and excellent features for progressive web app development. A PWA app development company can build apps that can be downloaded, installed and used just like a mobile app. Angular JS also offers support for other cross-platform frameworks like Iconic, making it the gold standard for PWA development. Angular JS is great as a PWA web app framework because it can handle vast amounts of data allowing projects to scale as required.

React JS

React JS is a JavaScript library used for progressive web app development. It is maintained by Facebook and is a great choice for creating UI and for rendering UI components. React JS allows PWA developers to reuse code, thus saving both the time and cost of PWA development. React JS also makes PWAs SEO friendly because it has a rendering mechanism, from the server to the browser.


Another popular and easy to use tool for PWA development is Ionic, an MIT licensed framework. Ionic is an open-source hybrid tool used by progressive web app developers for managing the code structure and add features and improvisations to app. Note that Ionic is also a client-side framework that combines JavaScript, HTML and CSS3, and has a common code base that allows easy cross-platform app development. Ionic’s latest version comes with a whopping 100 pre-built components that make development so easy for any PWA app development company.


Polymer, a lightweight JavaScript framework, is another Google product. Polymer allows progressive web app developers to create reusable components and synchronize data with devices. Polymer’s tool App Layout Component lets app developers create responsive designs thus reducing the concurrent load time.


Google created Lighthouse to ensure the quality of progressive web apps and check it for issues before launch. PWA developers can add their website to the app, post which Lighthouse measures it into four criteria and probe problems into the picture thus ensuring app efficiency.


Workbox comes with multiple node modules and libraries that allow progressive web app developers to improve PWA performance and simplify development.


Maintained by Laravel and Alibaba, VueJS is a very fast-growing library because of one key reason – PWA developers find PWA development very easy when they use VueJS because of its high-speed rendering with virtual DOM, simple features and architecture.

PWA Builder

As the name suggests, the PWA Builder tool is easy and supports rapid development. Developers can build a service worker for offline functionality which works by pulling and serving the “offline.html” from the web server in the absence of connectivity. It also supports uploading of PWAs to iOS and Android app stores.

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There is widespread adoption of progressive web apps today, by large and small businesses, medium enterprises and startups alike. Eventually, the choice of Progressive Web App tool and framework depends on the skills and expertise of the progressive web app developers.

For your next progressive web app development project make sure you hire the right PWA app development company. If you need a no-strings-attached consultation, reach out to Digifutura, a well-known name in web app development, mobile app development, and much more. Our developers have experience in working on diverse Progressive Web Apps frameworks for app development and maintenance for clients across the globe.

Published Date: October 10, 2019

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