Importance of UX in Custom Software Development

Check out why it’s important to invest a lot of time and effort in developing UX right from the moment the product is created

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Quite often, developers build software on the basis of technical specifications alone and then provide a good-looking UI, without giving any consideration to a business’ audience or customer base, or even to how a user will be using the product. Regardless of how good is the technology behind used for custom software development, it may amount to very little if the intended users are unable to easily use the product, are unable to use the product with little to no training at all. Users prefer easy-to-use products and services and are unlikely to pick something that overly challenges them. As a result, UX design has become essential for the success of many products.

To begin with, let’s understand what is UX design in software development. UX design is essentially about understanding user requirements and creating custom software with the objective of improving the usefulness and usability of the products. The key purpose behind custom software development based on UX design is to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience to the user. It helps boost customer satisfaction by providing better accessibility, usability, and pleasure while using a product.

Why it’s important to invest a lot of time and effort in developing UX right from the moment the product is created?

  • Better Product Performance

Custom software development is not just about design that looks good but also design that works well and makes users feel special. From the functional point of view, design is essential in improving the efficiency of the custom software that has been developed, which means that the overall UX is better because of better performance.

Importance of UX in Custom Software Development

  • Higher Productivity and Production Optimization

Developing clear and intuitive custom software and with the user in mind, minimal bugs, and by using functional design allows users to reach intended results faster and hence be more productive and efficient. This also reduces the time and cost involved in custom software development because a UX-oriented template can then be replicated for future use. When a product’s user interface is quick to learn and easy to use, it also reduces the effort required for training new users as well as the cost of product support. When custom software development companies build software with the UX in mind, they reduce the chances of rework and redesign.

  • Product Differentiation

Remember that users don’t just look at attractive design or exciting product features, but more importantly they look at how easily they can use the product and how smooth is the experience. They will repeatedly invest in a brand that helps them achieve their goals faster and with less effort. So UX-centric custom software development is not just a feature but an important differentiation factor. Providing a good user experience is crucial for the customers to prefer your product versus the competition.

  • Build Customer Loyalty

A custom software product is well designed when a user is able to interact with it intuitively. The less a person has to think about how to use the tool and the easier it is to find what you want, the more confidence and credibility is generated in the user. A product’s ability to deliver a user experience is fundamental to winning loyal customers, and for building a reputation as one of the best custom software development companies that offers customers a great user experience.

  • Better Customer Relationships

A good custom software development company needs to build and maintain excellent customer relationships, and build long-term engagements by understanding and addressing their needs. Doing so by delivering a good user experience involves managing a whole lot of variables and making them all work together for a delightful experience. An unforgettable experience is not just good practice but is also good business.

  • Elements of UX Design

Information architecture: This is important for identifying and addressing both business and user requirements. Information architecture helps customers with ease-of-use, regardless of the platform they are using.

Interaction Design: This is about creating a conceptual design that is intuitive and helps users interact easily with the custom software product, and involves managing features like colors, fonts, icons, sounds, graphics and other elements that can create an aesthetic display of information.

Usability: This element helps identify if users are able to use the product for what they actually want, and do so in less time and with minimal to zero glitches.

Wireframing: During the wireframing stage, custom software developers can run the testing process by creating a sample of the application to check the appearance, usability and other features.

Visual Design: The visual design for a custom software product involves keeping in mind the characteristics of the brand, colors, placement of action buttons and icons and other graphical elements that all work together to identify impact the general appearance of the software product.

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Until a few years ago, UX was not considered that important. But for custom software development companies today, UX design is now a critical component to a software product, and often the basis for a product’s success. That’s why, when developing the UI of a custom software product developers are focusing not just on aesthetics and the brand but also on user orientation. Instead of randomly putting together good components, custom software developers are also talking about uniformity, ease of use, and intuitive. This would require them to gather user feedback on how easy it is to use the product and conduct extensive research on user experience and product functionality.

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Published Date: September 30, 2019

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