How To Hire a Skilled Nodejs Developer in Budget?

A brief note of the Javascript runtime- Node.js Node.js is a lightweight JavaScript runtime that runs on Google’s V8 JavaScript... View Article

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A brief note of the Javascript runtime- Node.js

Node.js is a lightweight JavaScript runtime that runs on Google’s V8 JavaScript Engine. Node.js is used in the development of the applications that are to run on both the client-side and server-side. The major advantages of Node.js are:

1. One can reuse the code as many times as they want. 

2. It lacks context switching.

According to the recent statistics, Node js is used by 49% of developers around the world. Node.js v12 is a unique programming language that facilitates the coding of both frontend as well as backend solutions; that is why it remains a favorable choice of developers. 

node js development services 

Choosing the best Node.js framework for the development – by a web app development company 

There are different Node.js framework, and selecting a particular one for your app development project can be crucial. Each framework has some unique features that will not be provided by the other one. These frameworks are designed by node js development services to facilitate your work, reduce workload, and achieve maximum productivity. Here are some points that might help you to figure out the correct framework:

  • The Node.ns web application framework should fulfill all your documentation needs
  • Choose a framework based on the size of your target community. 
  • Look for all the open issues on GitHub before going for a special formwork you have picked. 
  • Know what do you want your framework to resolve and choose the framework that is capable of doing the same.
  • The framework should be flexible according to the scale you want for the app.
  • Choose the framework based on complexity; it would work in your app.
  • Of you plan to use other tools, then choose a framework that is compatible with them.
  • A framework should have the best tools for node js development. 

What skills should you look for in a Node.js developer?

If you are planning to hire a Node.js developer for node js app development, then you should look for the following things in the developer:

1.The developer should be very well acquainted with the Java language. If they have worked before in JavaScript, then it would be good, and you will be at a safer side.

2.The developer should have a stronghold on Node.js and its framework. The developer should understand its basics and work very well. 

3.A node.js developer should know three things,

  • Asynchronous processing
  • Parallel programming
  • Functional programming

1. Of course, you will put the app out somewhere, so your Node.js developer should also know delivery platforms like web and mobile. 

2. Make sure that your developer does not lack behind in frontend development technologies.

What kind of experience is required by a Node.js developer? 

Here are some points that make an ideal profile for a Node.js developer:

  • Your developer is the right candidate if he or she is experienced and worked in both kinds of web development projects that are in both frontend and backend development. They should possess the required skills.
  • They should have the skills required for developing server-side application logic.
  • It would make a developer more preferred one of them to have skills for backend application development that could be connected to third-party web services.
  • The developers should have a stronghold when it comes to integrating the backend end and front end applications. 
  • A developer should have complete knowledge of data storage solutions. 
  • The developer makes efficient use of node js latest version. 
  • He/she provides node js microservices along with vital services

How much will it cost for you to hire a developer?

Here we have mentioned the average salary of Node.js developers or node js app development cost in a few nations to give you good idea things, and you can draw a cost estimation. 

hire node js developers

Hire Nodejs Developers

The United States- A developer’s salary would be between $90,000 and $111,374. Might also reach to $165,500 if you are going for well-reputed Node js companies that specialize in app development.

United Kingdom: The fee charged by developers would be between $48,500 – $84,000,

Australia- Here the cost of the app development is around $90,000.

Germany: The average salary of the developer would be between $40,000 – $50,000.

India: Node js development company in India will cost low, and the developer would charge between $8000-$10,000.

For freelance developers, the average app development cost would be as follows:

Freelancers generally cost on hourly bases.

1.A node.js freelance developer with an experience of one to two years will cost around  $20-$45 per hour.

2.It will cost you $30-$45 per hour if you go for a Node.js freelance developer that has a higher experience. 

To hire node js developers, you can contact Javascript development companies or javascript companies, backend node js web application framework development company, or Web app development companies. 


  • What do you understand by Node.js, and why should we use it?

Node.js works on the JavaScript platform and helps in developing things in real-time. It is used because of several reasons. The Node.js is single-threaded, and the platform is lightweight because of its non-blocking I/O model. Node.js is very efficient and effective. It is widely used for web app development. 

  • Do you see a future for Node.js? 

There is no doubt that there is a future of Node.js. It would prove great for the developers if they learn it. Node.js has been in the market for more than a decade and is still extremely popular and the first choice for many. Its adoption rate is also high. Moreover, Node.js is the only platform that uses only one language for app development that is JavaScript.

  • What is the work of a Node.js developer? 

A Node.js developer should have a stronghold on Java language to work well with Node.js. The developer is responsible for coding the server-side of the application with the help of JavaScript programming language.


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Published Date: April 8, 2020

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