How React-Native Can Reduce Cost Of Mobile App Development?

React Native has emerged as perhaps the most efficient and cost-effective mobile app development platform.

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Android and IOS are the two key, in fact perhaps the only, players in the mobile app development space today. Both the platforms have very different requirements and apps for each have to be handled differently by mobile app developers. The cost of the development for both environments was high and even app maintenance charges doubled because each had different needs. However, with technology advancements,mobile app developers no longer need to develop apps separately for Android and iOS environments and can now benefit from the advantage of WORA (Write Once Run Everywhere). The cross-platform mobile app development tools used by app development companies until recently were hybrid and needed web views to render apps developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. Though such hybrid apps were fast and had a lower cost of development, they still could not live up to the experience and performance of native apps.

Enter React Native, which could address all queries and concerns in just one round of coding, because of its dynamic code updates. React Native allows mobile app developers to create native apps using JavaScript for multiple platforms. App developers can reuse code across the web and on mobile, so there is no need to develop different apps for iOS and the Android platforms. As a result, app development companies can save time and effort by 50% – 80% for every app development project.

If you’re looking at hiring a React Native mobile app developer in India, it is likely to cost you anywhere from USD 25 to USD 80 per hour, as compared to hiring a similar app developer in the US or Europe which could cost you USD 100 to USD 350 per hour. But the good news is that React Native app development, compared to other platforms, is lighter on the pocket.

Let’s see why React Native app development costs less.

Shorter Mobile App Development Time

Reactive native allows app developers to move the entire code or even just parts of it between various mobile platforms, which means that after developing a mobile app for Android an app developer can just compile it onto iOS within a minor frame. Studies show that React Native app development requires 33% less time than it takes to develop iOS and Android mobile apps natively.

Easier to Maintain

Mobile apps built using React Native are easier to maintain and require less investment. Moreover, native apps need regular updating, troubleshooting and patching, for which the support is difficult and rather time consuming. Cross platform apps on the other hand can do without versioning, thus making maintenance a lot simpler.

Reusable Components

Mobile app developers using React Native can make reusable native components which, as the name suggests, can be used to compile directly to native apps because both iOS and Android components have a React Native counterpart. It is also easier, faster and cheaper to continue creating a variety of apps.

Simple Integration

Cross-platform mobile apps built using React native can seamlessly integrate with other compatible apps, which reduces the extra effort required by mobile app developers to integrate mobile apps with default native applications in a device, without bothering about affecting the app performance.

No Additional Resources

React Native based cross-platform mobile apps only require a single coding which then can be altered to run on different platforms. This means that app development companies do not need to maintain multiple teams with different skill sets. This naturally brings down the cost of mobile app development.

Faster App Development

React Native drastically reduces the time required to get apps ready from code to market. Its native approach to development is estimated to save 33% of mobile app development cost because the roll-out of mobile apps is faster and also requires fewer app developers.

Factors impacting the cost of mobile app development

Having praised React Native as one of the most cost-efficient mobile app development platform, let’s take a quick look at what factors actually increase or decrease the cost of app development:

Effort and Scope

Cost will be determined to a great extent by the complexity, scope, requirements of the app development project and the effort involved. Obviously, the more the effort and greater the scope of the app, the more it will cost.

Type of Application

App complexity adds to the cost of app development and includes many features such as architecture, third-party integration, model admin panel, in-app purchase, hardware devices etc.

Application Category

A mobile app category is a critical factor in determining the cost of app development using React Native due to several parameters such as number of users, functionalities, security features etc.

Developer Profile

Obviously, if you require a more experienced and skilled React Native developer, it will cost you more. If cost of hiring experienced developers is too high for you and is a big concern, then you can add lesser experienced developers and reach out to the large React Native community for support.

App Platform

The number of OS versions and app platforms for your app also decide that how much does it will cost to develop a mobile app using React Native.

Hire Mobile App Developers in India

Hiring React Native mobile app developers in India or engaging an app development company in India will cost you less compared because of the easy availability of talented and skilled mobile app developers in India.

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Wrapping Up

The demand for high-performance apps that seamlessly integrate and work with any mobile device and platform has burgeoned in the past decade and now users want an app for everything. e Mobile app developers are thus under a lot of pressure to create apps that are feature-rich yet lightweight, and which can easily scale and stretch as required. React Native has emerged as perhaps the most efficient and cost-effective mobile app development platform.

Published Date: August 22, 2019

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