How Much Does It Cost to Hire Angular JS Developers?

In case you are planning to build a web app with AngularJS, the first dilemma is to hire an Angular js developer or a development company.

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AngularJS is a Javascript framework, presently in high demand. Although only business houses or individuals know about it in detail. Others choose it because it is referred to as a framework that would provide you with quality and benefits at a low cost. In the latest report, Developers in India prefer using Angular js as one of the most famous frameworks.

In this particular article, we will try to present an estimated cost for the app development with AngularJS, discuss the factors that affect the cost and see the advantages of angular js as various stages. 

Should you opt for a fresher or a reputed app development company? 

If you are planning to build a web application with AngularJS, the first dilemma is to hire a fresher or a development company. 

angular js companies in usa

It depends upon the complexity of your project and the scope of it. If your development project is less complicated and small is the size, you can hire a fresher with an experience of a year or two.

Although for big projects with high complexity, you can opt for large app development companies.

If you choose a freelancer for Angular JS apps development?

Although both freelancers and development companies are good at their work, your choice would depend upon your situation and app requirements.

Generally, business houses prefer freelance experts to save some money, although the cost and on web applications are very beneficial in the long run. 

Some limitations if you hire a freelancer:

1. Different freelancers have to be employed in diverse fields and roles.

2. They might not have all the resources.

3. They may not have a qualified team.

4. They are generally not that consist of their work. 

5. They are just developers and cannot manage the project correctly, that is, they have no experience with project management. 

Might not possess the knowledge of angular js latest version.

Hiring an AngularJS development company

At initial stages, you might feel that hiring a web app development company for a costly option, but later on, you will understand that it was the correct choice for your app and its smooth functioning.

 Here are some benefits of choosing Angular js companies

  • You will get a dedicated team.
  • All the essential resources will be present in the company.
  • The quality of the work environment would be excellent.
  • You will be able to complete your work at a low labor cost. 

Cost of hiring AngularJS web app developers in India: 

OR Angular js app development cost: 

The cost may not be so high, like in the US, and can be efficiently dealt with. The only condition is to choose the right Angular Js development company. 

Also, calculating the cost of application for estimation is also very easy. You need to go through the information mentioned below.

angular js development cost

If you hire an AngularJS developer from the US or go for angular companies in USA, their salary of a developer is $83,343 per year or $43 per hour. While if you go on Indeed, developers demand a salary between $78,553 to $110,771 per year.

These might seem too costly, but do not worry at all as in India, we have less expensive solutions. 

In India, if you do not hire a mainstream Web Development company or go for the angularjs companies in India, then also they will deliver you the desired work as they possess all the skills to do the same. They might charge you around $2400 per month or approximately $28,800 per year. Although the mainstream companies do not cost much in India as compared to the US.

Factors that might affect your overall web app development cost:

  • It all depends upon the basic functions:

AngularJS web application has a wide range of basic functions to choose from and run your applications. Although these functions are interlinked with each other, they are distinctive from each other. Therefore, all these basic functions require separate coding.

Ultimately, if you have more number of basic functions in your application, then the cost would be more, as the developers have to do more intense coding, on the other hand, its basic functions are less than development cost is also less. 

  • The storage cost: 

It is very obvious that the website stores a minimal amount of data with them. When the web application makes interaction with the user, they display a certain section of data to the user. To reveal the data to the user, it has to be stored. 

Storage also calls for a small section of your budget kept aside for angular js development cost. It is a direct relation if more amount of data is stored then more amount of money is required. 

If you want the best developers, you can hire from Angular Development Company or go for developers from Angular js development services or developers with web app development services. 


What do you think of AngularJS in the IT field?

Among all the JavaScript Framework, AngularJS is immensely used and is a preference for many developers. It is widely used to build single-page applications. This is because developers in the IT sectors prefer a framework that has been used to build the earlier to build scalable applications.

If you wish to make a career in AngularJS, is it an appropriate choice?

If you see in the market, the demand for AngularJS developers is in great demand. Moreover, AngularJS is the most popular Javascript framework, which attaches some additional prosperity to it. Also, it is the best and perfect technology for Rich Internet Application. Therefore, there would be ho harm in having a career in AngularJS, as long as you have full knowledge of the topic. 

What is the approximate time in which one can learn AngularJS?

Learning is a very subjective matter, and learning Angular depends on the time you can devote on a daily basis and how much determined you are to learn the language. On a general note, if a person with a general learning capacity is devoting two to three hours on a daily basis, then they will be able to learn the language in two to three months. 


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Published Date: April 9, 2020

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