How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Social Media App?

Thinking to create a social media app that is tailored to specific interests? Check out the Cost involved

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Making a social media app today is relatively easy, and for the same reason app development companies tend to shy away from creating new apps because of the over-abundance of various types of apps available. But there is still a lot of scope for niche apps that cater to specific hobbies, interests, product categories etc. So why not create a social media app that is tailored to specific interests and enjoy the possibility of becoming the next Facebook or Instagram. But if you’re looking at creating a unique feature-rich app, you should know the various costs involved.

Note that any app which includes additional features and services could cost almost USD 20,000, and would take around four and six months if you’re looking at developing it in the US. This cost is inclusive of UI/UX design, custom development, QA, project management and business analysis. As you keep adding complex features to the social media app and the number of platforms it should be supported on, the cost of social media app development could be as high as USD 40,000, or even more, because complex projects need support and ongoing development and maintenance.

(The rates provided above are intended for information purposes only and are based on an average of rates typically charged by app development companies. The actual development rates and final costs will change depending on size of project, size of app development company, level of social media app developer skills etc.)

Typically, the cost of social media app development varies as per several parameters like social media app complexity, expertise of social media app developers, the platforms the app is being developed for and the country where the app development company is based.

Social Media App Development cost by location

  • US, UK based social media app development company – Selecting a firm in these countries will cost you around USD 60 – 150 per hour, which means your social media app could cost around USD 3000 upwards. Actual cost depends on graphics, type of features, and platforms.
  • Ukraine based app development company – App developers in Ukraine are skilled yet cost effective and will charge USD 40-50 per hour.
  • Indian app development company – Outsourcing your social media app development to an Indian firm is perhaps the best choice because app developers charge $20 per hour upwards and are highly skilled.

Social Media App Development cost by complexity

  • Basic social media app development could take around 100 hours and cost USD 5,000 upwards.
  • Mid-level complex apps will take approximately 200 hours and cost USD 10,000 upwards.
  • Complex social media apps with custom features and design will obviously cost much more, i.e. USD 20,000 upwards and will also require more resources.

It is important to note that there is no fixed price for developing social media apps, and varies basis a lot of factors. The majority of social media development costs is associated with developing the app infrastructure, features, interface and design, testing and the end objective of the app, such as monetization, brand awareness, data collection etc.

Functions and Features

Your social media app will have to be equipped with the regular set of features such as account authorization (requires 40-60 hours to set up), creating and editing profiles (takes around 60-80 hours), real-time communication/messaging between users (being a critical and detailed features this takes around 100-120 hours), allowing changes to settings as per user needs (40-60 hours), geo-location features (this is a complicated feature and requires around 120 hours of developer time), linking to different social accounts (around 80 hours), and a search function that incorporates multiple search parameters (another complex feature that requires around 120 hours of developer time). Basis your requirements you can estimate the cost of building your social media app by bringing in the social media app developer hourly rate.

But in order to truly get an idea of what your social media app could cost you, there are a lot of additional features and functions that could really add up to the cost of social media app development, such as:

  • 3rd party API integrations
  • Billing and payment gateways
  • Database encryption
  • Advanced admin panel
  • Special features for user interaction with each other

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Now that we’ve broken down the number of hours you could need for social media app development, we can estimate that your app would require an approximate 1600 hours of time if you want a decent app. It is a good idea to slice your app development project pricing on the basis of technology (such as web app development,NodeJS development, java app development etc), the number of hours required for the project and the hourly rates you are willing to pay to your app development company. So now, with this background in mind and basis your available budget, you can decide where you want your social media app development company to be located.

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Published Date: August 26, 2019

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