How is Python Changing Web App Development?

Python was the programming language of the year for the years 2007 and 2010 and presently in the 5th spot from top.

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Since it’s launch in 1991 Python rapidly became popular and today it’s one of the best loved languages for web app development. According to TIOBE Programming Community Index, Python was the programming language of the year for the years 2007 and 2010 and presently in the 5th spot from top. And it has always been in the top 10 spots ever since 2003. So why is Python so popular? What has made Python web app development one of the most sought after services today? Let’s find out.

Here’s the industry definition of Python – “Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.” Leaders like Reddit, Airbnb, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and many others have chosen Python web development for the several benefits it offers.Python is flexible and versatile and easy to learn and use because it has fewer programming codes.

Reasons why so many businesses over the years have opted for Python web development

    • Python is Open-Source

The Python Software Foundation manages and supports Python as an open-source web development language, and the Python web development community is open to everyone. This makes Python app development services cheaper as well. Despite being an open-source language, Python projects have lesser number of bugs and errors than some of the other languages. Every Python app development company loves the support they get from a huge developer community.

    • Speed and Efficiency

Python offers developers an object-oriented design and has the capability to control the development process. Whether you’re running scientific calculations, processing images, or developing complex interfaces, Python saves time and effort by presenting ready-made solutions. Additionally, it can process text via its unit testing framework, allowing Python app development companies to create dynamic web apps faster and with more efficiency.

    • Easy Compatibility

Python works well with almost every OS including including UNIX-based operating systems, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, IBM, Solaris, AIX, and VMS platforms.

    • Python Web Development is Powerful

Not only is Python easy to use, it actually is a very powerful language for web and app development. Python provides a web app development company with several default features and standard libraries that include almost every programming task. Python comes with pre-built options and capabilities for processing images, running calculations, creating interfaces etc, thus reducing development time and effort. Custom Python development can be done for both mobile and desktop web applications.

    • High Functionality

Python web apps are highly functional and will perform well irrespective of which language has been used for the app’s interface. Python app developers can use this feature to their advantage by embedding Python apps into other frameworks and combining it with other languages like C++.

    • Feature-rich Yet Developer Friendly

Python offers developers several features such as syntax, decipherable factors, and scalability. It uses spacing instead of special characters and braces to indicate the beginning and end of the program, thus making it easier for developers to read the code. Python app developers thus save a lot of time that would have spent in deciphering the program or learning on the job, or figuring out the complexities of the language (because there are none!). They also find it easy to manage their Python project and make any changes.

    • Future-Ready

One of the most striking features of Python is that it can be easily integrated with the emerging IoT technology, opening up a plethora of opportunities for custom Python development. Python app developers can use platforms such as Raspberry Pi, to create their own accessible physical devices like cameras and phones. A Python app development company can widen the scope of its Python app development services by connecting devices and gadgets and offering them to customers at competitive prices. Having good skills for custom Python development and Python web development is essential for developers.

    • Ideal for Machine Learning

Another example of Python being ready for the future is that Python can easily adapt to and work very well with emerging technologies such as data science, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. This is because not only does Python have a large developer community, but also because it has pre-built libraries for advanced scientific computation, it is stable and secure, it focuses more on functions than on coding and has a platform-friendly API. If you are looking to hire Python app developers, it might be a good idea to look for candidates with at least some experience in using Python for machine learning.

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To sum up, the reason why Python revolutionized web development was that it’s affordable, robust, secure, scalable and functions well on multiple platforms and OS. It works fast and is easy to maintain, thus reducing the effort of the developer. That’s why it’s the web development language of choice for top brands like NASA, IBM, YouTube, JP Morgan, Wikipedia, Bank of America, Google, Mozilla, Weekly News, Ultraseek, Yahoo!, Nokia, Linux and Disney.

Digifutura offers best-in-class web Python web development services, leveraging Python’s mature libraries and external packages to your advantage. If you want to hire Python app developers for your next high-level project, contact us today.

Published Date: September 30, 2019

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