Highly In-Demand Tech Stack For Product Development

Here’s a list of highly in-demand tech stack to build a great product.

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The only way to see if a business idea is good or not is to test it — using as few resources and as little time as possible. The art of exploring and analyzing the available tools in the community is key in product development.

Here’s a list of highly in-demand tech stack to build a great product.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, which has a strong community backing and is being developed for almost a decade. Ruby on Rails has got the ability to produce elegant solutions while minimizing complex problems via its Convention over Configuration (CoC) and Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principles.

Standing among the current market leaders in web design & development, Ruby on Rails has been the backbone of several thousands of websites with some of the popular portals including Base camp, Airbnb and Zendesk among others. This innovative language has played a major role towards a sustainable market and its remarkable growth.

A great choice for building scalable monolithic or micro services based applications and APIs.


Django is a high-level Python Web framework that is well-known for its ease of use and reusability features, and a great choice for rapid development and logical design.

The framework comes fully-loaded with multiple Add-ons making it easier to design and customize a Web Application whenever needed.

We suggest Django(Python) to our clients with a higher preference to security and accuracy while not compromising on site traffic handling abilities. It’s an outstanding option to create e-commerce sites for large organizations and government websites.


React.js is an open source JavaScript library that has a proven track record to designing several popular Web applications for tech giants such as Facebook® and Instagram®. Amidst the growing competition in JavaScript frameworks, React.js has stood out from the crowd due to its high performance and its latest technology implementation.

We suggest React.js framework for those who are looking for both web and mobile application development.


Angular.js is a powerful JavaScript Framework for front-end web development, primarily focused on single-page applications. Currently maintained by Google, this superhero JavaScript framework helps create dynamic web applications that are compatible on multiple browsers thus creating an ease of maintenance.

Angular.js framework comes with multiple exciting and unique features such as Model View Whatever (MVW) pattern, Form Validations, communication with server, deep links for dynamic pages, data binding and dependency injection, besides tools such as directives and filters. With so many unique features, Angular.js helps convert templates into HTML code, thus eliminating the need to spend more time writing codes manually.

We suggest the use of Angular.js to create large-scale, complex and performance-based frontend applications where business emphasis is on real time UI feedback and responsive interactions & also where we have a scalable API backend to support the frontend.

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Published Date: September 13, 2019

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