Discover the MERN Stack and Why Choose it for Web App Development?

MERN stack is a combination of technologies that are used together for building powerful websites and web apps.

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Discover the MERN Stack

Over the years the paradigms of web development and its entire focus has changed. Developers want to be able to do more while optimizing the time and effort required to create something fantastic. With this in focus, the MERN stack has gained a lot of popularity as a powerful web development stack. So what is the MERN stack and why have MERN stack developers become such hot property. Let’s find out.

Defining the MERN Stack

MERN stack is a combination of technologies that are used together for building powerful websites and web apps. The MERN stack is based in JavaScript and is comprised of four open-source components namely MongoDB, Express, React.js, and Node.js, all of which provide MERN stack developers an end-to-end framework for web development.

MERN Stack Components

MongoDB: This is a NoSQL cross-platform document database, and is different from other relational databases that come with a schema based on columns and tables. Unline them MongoDB does not have a fixed schema and stores data is stored in flexible documents with a JSON -based query language. This makes MongoDB both scalable and flexible, especially since the content, size, and number of fields in the documents can differ from each other.

Express: Express is basically a back-end web application framework, which allows MERN stack developers to simplify how they write a code, as they no longer need to write full web server code by hand on Node.js. Developers also don’t have to repeat the same code, something which a Node.js HTTP module would require. A MERN stack development company uses Express for building robust web apps and APIs, because Express supports fast development, comes with several features as plugins and has a minimalist structure.

React: React or React.js needs no introduction. It is a JavaScript library used by MERN stack developers for building user interfaces. React has a great library that helps a MERN stack development company create views rendered in HTML. MERN stack developers don’t have to worry about dealing with the changes in the view’s state or changes in the data. React uses JavaScript for various DOM elements and does not depend on templates to automate the creation of repetitive HTML or DOM. It also allows developers to run the same code on the server and the browser.

Node.js: It’s a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js is ideal for building scalable network apps, and can execute JavaScript code outside of a browser. Developers like using Node.js because it can build without adding an HTML page and has the ability to use its own module.

Why Choose the MERN Stack?

The best part about a MERN stack is that every line of code is written in JavaScript, and that it can used everywhere. This means that the MERN stack developer does not need to switch context even across tiers. Moreover, in case of MERN stack development services, whether you engage the best MERN stack development company or hire MERN stack developers, the need for developers to be proficient in multiple programming languages is not there. They just need to be well-versed in JavaScript and JSON. As we can see, MERN stack web development helps developers create highly efficient web applications.

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The MERN stack, we believe, has outclassed other development frameworks such as J2EE, LAMP etc, and allows for far superior web app development. The stacks created using MERN stack are both high performance and high quality.

MERN stack is perfect for web apps that have a large amount of interactivity built into the front-end. Of course, a MERN stack development company can use other stacks, but as of today the MERN stack is the easiest to use and is also powerful. So, if you do have a choice of stacks for web app development, you may want to pick the MERN stack.

Published Date: October 4, 2019

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