Best Angular JS Development Tools for Smooth Development

Angular JS tools are certain to increase the productivity of Angular JS developers, and increase their efficiency and work quality.

Best angular js developers
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Web development is a creative and exciting, albeit painstaking process and there can be no room for any slip-ups or glitches. Angular JS is a popular choice of web development frameworks among developers for building dynamic websites. In fact, Angular JS developers are in great demand today and web development companies are actively looking to hire Angular JS developers because this framework comes with a huge set of exciting tools that help create both high-performance and functional websites. 

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS, as the name suggests, is a JavaScript-based web development framework with HTML5 support. Angular JS developers love to use this framework because it allows them to build dynamic and very creative views that users love. Because of this, there is a growing demand for Angular JS development services and JavaScript developers who can build websites based on a winning combination of performance, user experience and visual appeal. 

Now let’s see take a detailed view of the various tools that make Angular JS such a sought after development framework with developers. Please note that Angular JS comes with over 20 tools, but for the purpose of this blog, we will focus on the tools that are most effective in helping Agular JS development companies build very creative websites. Regardless of what these tools do, what is certain is that Angular JS tools are certain to drastically increase the productivity of Angular JS developers, and increase their efficiency and work quality.

Best Angular JS Development Tools for Smooth Development

So let’s begin.

Best Angular JS Tools

  • Karma

Any website before it’s launched has to be tested completely to ensure that all glitches are worked out and that the site runs smoothly. Karma is a great Angular JS tool for testing because it has a lot of features like real browser implementation as well as support for mobile handsets, and a host of other features that allow Angular JS developers to test websites in any kind of environments.

  • Djangular

Djangular is another great Angular JS tool that takes away a lot of developer tension and hassle and can be re-used any number of times to manage content development for apps for any website or web app on the AngularJS platform. What’s great is that Djangular helps Angular JS development companies to handle content development specific to each project’s needs. 

  • handles macros and mentions, making it a slightly different tool as compared to other Angular JS tools, and is an important part of the web development process. Angular JS developers to input directly into a selected without having to deal with any JQuery strings.

  • Videogular

As the name suggests, Videogular is used by developers to take care of any video necessities. It allows Angular JS development to introduce HTML5-based video playing capabilities into a web platform, and translate it to an easy to implement a video player for your design.

  • Mocha

If an Angular JS developer wants to test the performance of the framework for its versatility and its stability, and how it performs in ideal conditions vs challenging scenarios, then Mocha JS is what he should use. The advantage of Mocha JS is that it allows the developer to test both on the framework and the browser. 

  • Sublime Text

Sublime Text is the most popular text code editor among Angular JS development companies. JavaScript programmers like to use Sublime Text because it basically makes it easier for them to write code without feeling the strain or pressure. It allows developers to edit two locations in single file side by side and supports split-screen editing which helps faster coding.

  • Web Storm

Though Sublime Text is popular among Angular JS developers, another close contender for a spot in the sun is Web Storm, which is another excellent Angular JS IDE and text editor. Web Storm works equally smoothly with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, thus making it more attractive to the JS developer community. Web Storm saves developers the need to constantly refresh the program in order to see the changes in the app or web page basis the change in code and the text editor. 

  • AngularUI

AngularUI comes with ready-to-use widgets and directives that can be integrated with UI Bootstrap which speeds up the development process.

  • Amexio Canvas

Amexio Canvas IDE has a drag and drops environment with an amazing 230 UI features and components, 130 themes including and more than 50 exciting material design themes, with all being open source. Amexio Canvas is great for responsive web and Angular JS/Angular applications and provides best-in-class layouts. It also supports Angular v7.

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All of these Angular JS tools are great for any developer and help them build Angular JS framework based web platforms efficiently and with minimal glitches. 

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Published Date: Sep 20, 2019