Benefits of ReactJS that Make it Ideal for Your App Project?

ReactJS is an open-source library of JavaScript and is used by ReactJS developers to build the user interface for single-page applications

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As we’re well aware, React JS is an open-source library of JavaScript and is used by React JS developers to build the user interface (UI) for single-page applications.ReactJS is used extensively as a mobile app development framework, but can also be used for web development, because of its ability to offer an ideal rendering functionality.

React JS was initially developed and used as an internal tool by Facebook, but it soon went open source and became popular with developers. React JS is today one of the fastest-growing and most popular front-end developers. For any ReactJS development company, it is rapidly becoming the go-to mobile app and web development tool.

React JS developers can use React JS to breakdown complex UI into smaller, reusable components without destroying the entire site application. As developers don’t need to reload pages, they can introduce specific enhancements to the app. React JS developers can thus be simple, efficient, and quick in front-end development, i.e. building UIs for apps.

Why React JS development services are an ideal choice?

Unlike other JavaScript frameworks, React JS has been created on the premise of components. It comes with virtual DOM which makes it the fastest and most productive mobile app development framework to work with. Here are some more reasons why React JS is the front-end development framework of choice for web development and mobile app development.

Easy to use and learn

React JS is simple and direct, and developers find it easy to learn and use for front-end development. React JS developers can use direct JavaScript for building a mobile or web app. Due to this, React JS development cost is also low.

Virtual DOM

React JS has components of memory information structures that developers use to modify and update an app. It is thus easier to render the components and information.

Speedy development

By using individual components of an app on the server developers benefit from the speed of development. There is also no rewriting required which saves time as well.

Development efficiency

React JS requires less development time but delivers high-quality code that modular, clean and comes as a separate component, thus boosting developer productivity.

Flexible and easy to maintain

Traditionally, mobile and web app development involves huge monolithic projects that are bulky are hard to fix or enhance. On the other hand, code written in React JS is easy to manage and update due to its modular structure. Moreover, React JS apps are highly scalable and flexible and save developer time. React JS development cost is also significantly low as compared to other tools.

Superior and improved app performance

As we’ve stated earlier, React JS has been built keeping in mind high performance. So its core features like server-side rendering which is fast and virtual DOM allow React JS developers to create large-scale apps that are fast and perform extremely well.

Allows apps to be SEO friendly

One of the reasons that React JS is so popular even though there are so many app development frameworks available today, is that React JS apps are very SEO friendly, i.e. they are SEO optimized and easy to find by search engines due to backend rendering, React projects are better optimized for search engines. Additionally, since apps built in React JS are fast and high-performing, they are better able to contribute to SEO, and hence provide an overall better user experience.

Open, rich toolset.

Even though React JS is an open-source technology, it has a vast and rich tool bank which includes important tools like Flux, Redux and Node JS on the backend, as well as several task-specific open source libraries.

Excellent developer community support

Developed, launched and managed by Facebook, React JS today has a huge developer community and along with Facebook it is maintained by over a thousand independent React JS developers worldwide. Because of a highly-skilled and active developer vibrant community, React JS always stays up-to-date and has a vast set of reusable components available in the community that developers can use.

Smooth transition to React Native

React Native, based primarily on React, is a mobile development framework. As a result, it is easier for React JS developers to use React Native when required for creating mobile apps with a native look and feel. What’s great is that developers can reuse the same parts (though not all of them) in React JS web app as well as React Native mobile apps. This increases the speed of development and reduces cost.

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With so many benefits React JS has obviously won widespread use and adoption over the years and has been used by some big names for their web products. Some of these big brands are Coursera, Expedia, Airbnb, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, Reddit, Netflix, Twitter, WhatsApp, ZenDesk and several others. If you’re a developer working on single-page apps, large scale projects, or web apps involving complex UIs and dynamic page updates, then React JS is the ideal choice. It may not be a good choice for static websites or content-heavy portals, but React JS is ideal for apps for industries such as travel, retail, businesses etc.

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Published Date: October 17, 2019

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