A Comprehensive Guide To App Development Cost Breakdown

According to an app development company what cost would be incurred in making an app- from designing, manufacturing, coding to launching it?

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As soon as anyone plans that they want to go for an app, the first question that occurs in their mind is how Much It Costs to Make an App? Will it benefit their business or its maintenance would be a burden on them? To answer these questions, in short, no one can predict the cost that would be required in building an app. As it largely depends on the functions you want to add to your app, the cost may range from $4,000 to $4, 00,000 or it can even exceed this amount. This article will give an overview of the cost involved in app development.

According to an app development company what cost would be incurred in making an app- from designing, manufacturing, coding to launching it?

Top 8 Factors affecting Mobile App Development Cost

First off all when you are going for mobile app development you should understand that programming is not an easy task and therefore only professionals can help you, so you will have to bear the app development cost but you can reduce it if you handle things judiciously. 

  • Choose between ios and an Android:

It all depends on your target audience. If your target audience is the people using Android then go for it, or vice-versa. Although there are other operating systems, these two are the most popular ones. 

If you think that both are your target options, you can go for a hybrid app or launch two apps simultaneously. The cost of developing on both platforms is more or less similar, so incurred cost mostly depends on the time taken by the mobile app Development Company. With an android app, you will have to invest more time. 

A Comprehensive Guide To App Development Cost Breakdown

  • The type of mobile app- a backend development:

I hope you all know that mobile apps are only developed for any mobile platform and also that non-professional users can’t open certain extension files on ios that are compatible with android. This also goes for ios. They both use different programming language and if you have both the target audience then a less costly way would go for hybrid app development or cross-platform app development

Although some prefer to stick with native app development as it delivers a much better speed, quality, and functions than the hybrid or cross-platform solution. 

  • Designing the app- a front end development:

One should keep in mind that design is something very important in web app development or mobile app development. Adding attractions to your web apps would incur a cost. As mobile app development services say that they are several details required in apps such as logo, icons, and buttons. 

Although we often forget that simplicity can win more hearts then exclusive designs or custom animations and your mind be able to complete your work in less cost with standard OS-provided elements. Although it largely depends on the kind of app you are making. You should always hire mobile app developers for the task. 

  • The number of functions you want to add:

When you hire app developers they would ask you the number of features or functions to want to add to your app as they will decide the cost. There are three categories in which you can choose the functions. First are simple apps, they look very simple and elegant and are least costly. They will display only the desired option on the screen with a limited number of pages to visit. Middle complexity has several pages with logic-based features. It can take from nine months to a year in building the app. Complex apps come with all the advanced features and use all features such as JavaScript development and react to js development. They are the most sophisticated apps one can dream for. 

  • Backend:

Not all the apps require backend, so here some of you can save your mobile app development cost. But if you are willing to add features of push up notifications or cloud-based system, you will have to hire a different developer for this work. 

  • The task of the developer:

The developer of web apps or mobile apps works in two ways to determine the cost that would be incurred in creating the final app. In can be done in hours or story point. Hour is a traditional method where the developer estimates the number of hours it would take him to complete the project and cost accordingly. But in the story point, they assign each feature some points according to which they determine the cost it is used done of parameters such as complexity of features, risk or effort. 

  • The team:

Along with the front end work, the backend team is also an important component in determining the web app development cost or mobile app development cost. Generally, one project manager, one developer, one UI/UX designer, and one QA specialist is a very appropriate team to react to native development. But if you may require additional designer if you are working on more than one platform or a more complex app. 

  • In-house or outsourcing:

It would be very good to go for outsourcing, especially when one is willing to save their cost because with the in-house working team you will have to take care of additional expenses such as salary, office workspace, developing tools and software. 

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Some Final Words

After looking at the overall structure of app development and the cost incurred at all the stages we will suggest you have a detailed plan for yourself.  When you go to an app developer you should have a very clear understanding of what you want. As the technical specifications and functions, you want to add to the app is completely up to you, therefore note them down beforehand. You should go for outsourcing-it is cheaper for those who have no connection with the programming world. Last but not least do the timely testing of your app to avoid disturbances.

Published Date: January 21, 2020

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