37 Disruptive AI technology Trends 2019-2020

Here’s a list of some of the most astonishing AI technology trends that bring out a vast field of opportunities into various sectors. 

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The development of AI technology has successfully managed to influence various sectors of different industries in recent times. Ever since Ai mobile app development services have turned out to become popular, the fundamentals of every industry have to change for good. It now becomes a dream for every industry irrespective of the type to incorporate this ongoing miracle of artificial intelligence into their industry. 

Top AI Development Trends 2019 – 2020

Here’s a list of some of the most astonishing AI technology trends that bring out a vast field of opportunities into various sectors. 

Top 35 Innovative AI Trends 2019-2020

  • Internet of Things 

Artificial intelligence in IoT has turned out to be quite beneficial for both post-event as well as real-time processing. In the case of real-time processing, it ensures quick response to a particular condition of decision whereas in the case of post-event processing it helps in identifying various patterns on the data set. 

  • Blockchain 

AI web development along with blockchain has simply led to a huge hype in the momentum of several industries. The entertainment achieved out of this includes high-quality data, decentralized intelligence, better transactions, great transparency, etc. 

  • Augmented Reality

With the ever-growing trend of artificial intelligence, it is now possible to detect horizontal and vertical planes, analyze depth, estimate and also segment images for various realistic occlusion. This is what has led to a huge revolution wherein the traditional computer methods are now being replaced with AI learning and development models that tend to provide you with such functions and features. 

  • Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

Medical imaging has been a huge part of the advantage of the AI development process in the medical field. Images of the internal aspects of the body can now be revealed through images through a process that is highly noninvasive.  This, in turn, enhances the process of diagnosing and treating various diseases. 

  • Clinical Trial Enrollment 

AI apps can now be widely used in providing assistance to extract any extra information from the past medical records and obtain a comparison between those and the recent studies. The doctors and patients would now obtain a suggestion that is quite reliable and relevant. 

  • Improved healthcare biometrics

The involvement of AI chatbot development companies in healthcare has certainly led to a huge impact with the ongoing power assistance in numerous ways such as examining and recording the change in skin color and retinal scanning. 

The proficiency of AI technology is all set to unleash new diagnostic methods and also provide assistance in anticipation of unknown risk factors. 

  • Efficient Drug Discovery 

Traditional pharma organizations are now looking forward to this amazing trend to cut down the long conventional methods that were utilized for drug discovery. The emergence of new biotech start-ups has been successfully paving the way along with the various pharma incumbents continuing in the year 2020.

  • Search technology 

AI search technology has definitely turned out to be a boon for various businesses and many of the industries are now looking forward to investing in it.  There are numerous SaaS agencies that are looking forward to delivering these search engines to a third-party retailer and make an investment in this tech stack. 

  • Retail – Check out Free

Check out Free AI development process have been witnessed by various great companies such as AmazonGo and Standard Recognition. This allows the customers to now shop without any checking out or scanning of the product. This trend certainly helps in keeping tabs on theft and various other issues. 

  • Logistics for Warehouse 

Another developing and emerging branch under AI web development is the one called as Logistics. Logistics has a very prominent role to play in the future of warehouses where highly proficient robots would be accommodated rather than humans. 

  • Peer to peer networks 

Peer to peer networks is similar to the ones that are put into action by cryptocurrencies. These networks basically help the organization to run AI solutions company through the channel of networked personal computers. 

  • Facial Recognition 

Extensive research in the field of AI technology has led to an improved readability and accuracy rate of AI applications. Facial recognition feature is a huge advantage to security agencies and various businesses too are looking forward to incorporating AI.

  • Cyber threat hunting 

This is a proactive approach towards combining high-security functions to put a stop to any kind of malicious activity that is likely to be initiated by hackers. 

  • Surveillance via computer vision

Computer vision is based on algorithms and is a huge part of AI learning and development. A typical example of this is AI Guardsman which detects suspicious behavior of shoppers and alerts the owner on mobile. 

  • Self-driving vehicles 

By the year 2025, it has been estimated that self-driving vehicles that are a part of AI transportation will deliver $173 billion in cost savings across the entire automotive chain. 

  • Traffic management 

Traffic management has also been a part of the AI trend that has been known for detecting various traffic mishaps. 

  • Smart tracks 

This initiative is called Autonomous Rail rapid transit – ART that is started by China in which the train follows a virtual track.

  • Digital number plates for vehicles 

The course of AI technology within this section will assist the transport authorities on various levels and they will also be able to detect the location through GPS. 

  • Predictive Maintenance and Algorithm 

With the help of this AI development process, manufacturers can now be able to predict the various unknown failures and save in millions. 

  • Computer vision for defect detection

Computer vision is a major advantage to various industries that can now ensure proper surveillance of the manufacturing processes.

  • The collaboration of humans and robots 

This concept might sound futuristic but it is estimated that by the year 2020 over 1. 7 million robots are estimated to be deployed in the factories. 

  • The advent of Quality 4.0 

Quality 4.0 is nothing but a close integration of the popular AI technology with the manufacturing processes taking place in the industries. 

  • Improved visualization technology 

Improvement in visualization technology through AI development services which has led to a great enhancement in the visual quality of the games. 

  • Real-world experience with voice assistants 

This is another significant branch of AI solutions company that has led to a whole new level of gaming experience to the players with certain access to game features. 

  • Personalized play for each gamer 

Hiring AI developers helps to create a gaming experience that is more individualized and that is reactive to the individual players in the game. 

  • Elevating customer experience 

As the demand for customers increases rapidly, businesses try to find out ways in which they can develop better services and not lose their customers. That’s when this effective technology comes into the picture. 

  • Advanced hiring process 

AI technology has now made it possible to schedule interviews for the recruiters and match the ideal candidate for a particular job. 

  • Business model transformation

The integration of data features such as data analysis, computer vision, etc has led to a consistent transformation in businesses.

  • Credit risk assessment

The development of AI technology has also led to a revolution in the finance sector since the records of the customer data can now be handled efficiently. 

  • Easy fraud detection 

AI learning and development makes use of machine learning algorithms to reduce the risks of potential fraudulent elements within the financial and banking industry. 

  • Safe trading with prediction 

Just like the other sectors, trading can also be facilitated with the aid of AI technology by analyzing various marketing conditions through algorithms. 

  • Auto claims processing 

Insurers and start-ups are now deploying AI technology to combat fraud problems and make sure that the situation is genuine whenever they have to pay the customers for their insurance. 

  • Improving social network 

From the time Facebook adopted AI in 2013, AI has successfully managed to capture the whole industry of social media and shaped them into what they are today. 

  • Empowering marketers 

AI development process in social media has also given marketers an advantage to analyze the buying persona of their customers and their preferences. 

  • Effective audience targeting 

With the development of this AI web development technology, marketers now find it possible and easier to expand their campaign way beyond linear segmentation.

  • AI-supported content designing 

Content has always been the king of social media marketing and AI is considered to be the best thing for the growth of this industry. AI development services now make it possible to suggest what kind of content is actually in demand. 

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Some Final words

After looking up to all these trends, it is pretty much clear AI technology has been growing tremendously and we are yet to witness the inevitability of it being a part of almost all the sectors of the industry. Businesses have already started deploying AI technology for developing next-generation mobile apps to eventually improve the customer experience and expand their business.

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Published Date: January 27, 2020

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