20 Emerging Technologies That Will Transform The Future

Here are the top 20 technologies which are expected to acquire a huge market in coming years.

Emerginf technolgies
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Tech industry has registered a huge growth in the past few years and it keeps on evolving very quickly.

Here are the top 20 technologies which are expected to acquire a huge market in coming years.

1. Artificial Intelligence: AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning

2. Internet of Things: IoT, IIoT, Sensors & Wearables

3. Immersive Media: Virtual Realty/ Augmented Reality/ Mixed Realty / 360° /Video Gaming

4. Block chain: Distributed Ledger Systems, Crypto currencies & DApps

5. Big Data: Apps, Infrastructure, Technologies + Predictive Analytics

6. Automation: Information, Task, Process, Machine, Decision & Action

7. Robots: Construction, Industrial Robots, Drones & Autonomous Vehicles

8. Mobile Technologies: Infrastructure, networks, services & devices

9. Cloud Computing: SaaS, IaaS, PaaS & MESH Apps

10. 3D Printing: Addictive Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping

11. UX Design: User Experience/VD/ IA/Usability

12. Nanotechnology: Computing, Medicine, Machines, Smart Dust

13. Energy Tech: Efficiency, Energy Storage & Decentralized Grid

14. Cyber Security: Security, Intelligence Detection, Remediation & Adoption

15. Voice Assistance: Interfaces, Chat bots, Natural Language Processing

16. Health Tech: Advanced Genomics, Bionics & Healthcare Tech

17. Human-Computer Interaction: Facial/Gesture Recognition, Biometrics, Gaze Tracking

18. Geo Special Tech: GIS, GPS, Mapping & Remote Sensing, Scanning, Navigation

19. Proximity Tech: Beacons, RFID, Near Field Communication & Geofencing

20. New Touch Interfaces: Touchscreens, Haptics, 3D Touch, Paper, Feedback & Exoskeletons

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Published Date: May 21, 2019