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Digital transformation is spreading rapidly across the financial services industry. Customers today demand seamless and secure mobile transactions, and anything less can cost a financial services firm their business.

The rapid growth of smartphones has opened up a new channel for Banking and FinTech services companies. Customers want instant access to their accounts and portfolios, and want to be able to trade and monitor their financial movements. They want always on access to their bank account, and demand that they should be able to carry online transactions no matter where they are. To cater to this growing trend of digitalization, Banking and FinTech services companies are prepared to meet customers where they are and are experimenting with technology – like AI and Blockchain – that will help create an immersive customer experience through web and mobile technology. They are looking at transforming their entire accounting mobility solutions portfolio by deploying smart finance apps via mobile and websites.


DigiFutura is a leading developer of intelligent finance apps that can help enrich the entire portfolio of accounting solutions. We have deep experience in designing, developing and deploying web and mobile apps by leveraging AI and Blockchain technologies to improve customer interactions, build loyalty and boost operational efficiency. These intelligent finance apps also give Banking and FinTech services firms direct access to customers, allowing them to interact seamlessly with each customer and deliver targeted services.

Applying Blockchain and AI


We have leveraged Blockchain technology to bring out the full potential of a healthcare app as it allows hospitals to share and move data on a real-time basis. We help you build an mHealth platform that lets patients and doctors share a medical document without any breach, tracking each click be it related to delivered healthcare service or financial transactions. Providers can also improve their vendor supply chain by managing all ledgers and barcoded medical supplies as digital blocks. We apply AI technology to customer care, disease identification, early detection of ailments, overall health management and in monitoring patient health for chronic diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s. We help design AI-powered health assistants that act as a reminder to take pills or do health-related procedures, building a custom plan for every user.

Why Digifutura

The web and mobile apps we design are easy to use regardless of device, and promise high performance and availability of accounting mobility solutions even during peak times. We support complex financial app environments, increasing support for different devices and dependencies on external services such as credit card rewards, customer service chat, check deposits, crypto wallet, digital payments wallet and so on. By using a combination of AI and Blockchain, we promise banking and finance customers a 100% safe environment for online transactions through financial apps.


Our Offerings

  • Industries verified Churn Prediction and Customer Segmentation
  • Industries verified Fraud Detection and AML
  • Industries verified Asset and Wealth Management
  • Industries verified Identity Analytics
  • Industries verified Custom Web App Development
  • Industries verified Custom Mobile App Development – iOS, Android, Hybrid
  • Industries verified Mobile Strategy Architecture Definition and Integration
  • Industries verified Credit Underwriting
  • Industries verified Information Extraction and Sentiment Analysis
  • Industries verified Recommendation System
  • Industries verified Product Engineering – Top End UI/UX Design
  • Industries verified User Experience Strategy, Design and Testing
  • Industries verified Cloud Strategy and Architecture
  • Industries verified Business Process Automation and Workflow Management


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